Game Progress Route for Biomutant is a condensed guide that offers a recommended progression path for completing the main campaign of the game. This guide aims to cover the most efficient routes and methods to achieving key goals while avoiding missing important elements such as relevant NPCs, Locations, and key Enemies and Boss encounters. For a detailed guide, please visit our Walkthrough page or the Quests page for a complete list of all available quests.


Biomutant Game Progress Route


Bunker 101


Objectives List
  1. Meat Eater
  2. Bunker 101
  3. Out-Of-Date
Meat Eater
  • Move forward until you find a Gnoat, encounter Meat Eater. Don't try to win this fight, just complete the fighting tips and pop up on your screen. When you detroy its weapon, he will pull a big flail and start swinging it around. Now is time to leave through the hole in the concrete wall.
Bunker 101
  • This is Bunker 101, the main objective is to leave this area. The Quest waypoints will indicate you where to go, defeat every enemy that you find in your way. Until you reach a locked door. In the other room in front of this room, you will find the Klawbar. This item will be necesary throughout the whole game. Find the pipe, brake it with the Klawbar and enter the tunnel. You will encounter more enemies with newer difficulties, but they are all easy to defeat. There's a room with an old projector, called "Raylighter" in this game. Interact with it and solve the Puzzle.
  • You will meet an NPC fighting a lot of Scavengers. Defeat all the Scavengers and speak to Out-Of-Date in the other room. During the conversation you will play as your younger self in a flashback memory. Talk to Best-Before, find the Nono at the cave at the end of this area, catch it and give it to the Pensai. The Flashback will be over, Out-Of-Date will give you the Hoop Net, and now you will be able to leave Bunker 101.


The Long-Gone


Objectives List
  1. The Signpost
  2. The First Steps

Now you are in the Open World of Biomutant.

The Signpost
  • Activate the first Signpost and it will be shown in the map. You can fast travel to Signposts.
The First Steps
  • Move forward until you see a wild Worldeater destroying everything on its path. It will destroy a village and leave. Head to the village and talk to the survivor. Out-Of-Date will come back to you to tell you about the Tribes and ask you to get help from them to fight the Worldeaters.


Another World


Objectives List
  1. An Alliance
  2. Childhood Village
  3. Klonkisf
An Alliance
  • You must choose between the Myriad or the Jagni, to first join their tribe and conquer the other. Each Sifu will tell you their interest and you can change of tribe later in the future. After you chose one of them, you must head to the other one and start conquering their Outposts. But on your way there, you will find the Childhood Village.
Childhood Village
  • The Childhood Village will take you a playable flashback memory where you play again as your younger self. You will meet, Goop who teaches you how to swin, Gizmo who tells you how to craft, your Popsi who teaches you how to upgrade your armor, and finally your Mooma, who teaches you martial arts. You will also have to fight against Lupa-Lupin, but on this encounter you won't be able to defeat him and you will have to flee, witnessing how your Mooma and your Popsi sacrifice their lifes for you.
  • After the flashback is over, you will encounter some members of your tribe that will tell you that they are waiting for you at the rival tribe outpost. On your way there, you will find a Klonkfist in a locker. The Klonkfist is a unique weapon that will be required to brake through certain walls, necesary for many quests throught the game. 




Objectives List
  • Outpost Conquests

The Conquest of Outposts is not mandatory but it still plays a big role in the game. By conquering Outposts you will have access to a new Shrine, Civilians with Side Quests and Merchants. Forts are special Outposts, they are the last bastion of a tribe, and can only be heisted after you already claimed all the Outposts of that rival tribe. By claiming a Fort you will not only get access to a New Shrine and Merchants, you will also gain the Tribe Weapon of the conquered Tribe. Everytime you conquer a Fort, you can decide to put the tribe in jail or let them join you. These decisions affect your Aura.




Worldeaters List

Defeating the Worldeaters is mandatory. Each Worldeater can only be fought with a certain kind of vehicle each, which can only be obtained by helping certain NPCs. You must complete all the objectives of these NPCs until you finally obtain the objective of defeating the worldeater.


Lupa Lupin


Objectives List
  • Third Encounter

Lupa-Lupin was encountered two times already where you had to flee. But after you defeat two of the worldeaters, Out-Of-Date says that you must confront Lupa-Lupin at Lupa-Lupin's Camp. Find him. Lupa-Lupin will talk about his origins and then he will fight you. Defeat him, Lupa-Lupin will get tied by the Tree of Life after you defeat him.


The Ark


Objectives List
  • The Seats
The Seats
  • Out-Of-Date will eventually tell you that he found out how to Ark works, and will tell you that there 4 available seats, and you can choose who these seats are saved for. The Main NPCs of the game can give you Quests with many objectives. If you complete all their objectives, you will have the chance to offer them a seat on the Ark. This will affect the game ending.


End Of The World


Objectives List
  • Lupa Lupin: Fourth Encounter

Once you defeated all the Worldeaters, Out-Of-Date will tell you to confront Lupa-Lupin one more time.

Fourth Encounter
  • This is the last encounter and longest against Lupa-Lupin. This fight will start with people of your tribe and your Sifu helping you fight him. But they will eventually get defeated and you will have to still keep fighting. Lupa-Lupin will get stronger throughout the fight. The battle has two stages, After you take the first three thirds of Lupa-Lupin's health, he will hit the ground and the fight will continue, he will have a new complete health bar, and his attack will get updated. This is the final main boss fight of the gain. Defeat Lupa-Lupin and then follow your consciense to the Ark, the people you chose will follow you. You will see a cutscene with the game ending according to the choices you made and you will unlock New Game Plus.


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