Location Childhood Village
Related Quests Another World

Mooma is an NPC in Biomutant. NPCs are Non-Playable Characters that inhabit the game world and can be interacted with. NPCs provide information and backstory on the game's many aspects and features. Some NPCs can give out Quests, and/or may also provide useful Equipment for you.


Death is not to be feared by one who has lived life with a pure heart. A part of her will live on in you.


Mooma Information

  • Mooma is only seen in memories. She always looks similar to your character's appearance.
  • Mooma plays a maternal role.
  • You have to complete a bunch of tasks that Goop, Gizmo and Popsi ask you todo. Everytime you complete a task your Mooma will remind you that you promised you'd tring with her before the sun goes down and she tells you to hurry.
  • She also appears after you fight a bunch Disciples that were bullying you, to ask if you are alright.
  • After completing all the tasks you will be able to start your training with your Mooma, but you don't have anything to do, the training is all shown in a short sequence cutscene.
  • Mooma will be proud of you and she will grant you the Automaton as a reward, but you will have to catch it. After all the training and tutorials, she will take you to bed.
  • Lupa-Lupin will attack the village that same night, and he chase both you and your Mooma. Your Mooma will receive a lethal hit and she will drown in a sad cutscene but will still have to escape. 


Where to find Mooma

Mooma can be found in:

  • Mooma is first seen in a playable flashback memory that you have when you cross the childhood village during the Another World quest.


Mooma Related Quests

Mooma is related to the following quests:


Mooma Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here



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