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Moog is an NPC in Biomutant. NPCs are Non-Playable Characters that inhabit the game world and can be interacted with. NPCs provide information and backstory on the game's many aspects and features. Some NPCs can give out Quests, and/or may also provide useful Equipment for you.


Moog is assembling a record over the Munsters roaming to world so he can let everyone know what places to avoid. He's tracking small and big and appreciates all the help he can get, mapping out the whereabouts of the smallest Sqvip all the way up to the Monolithic Munsters.


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    • Anonymous

      The Prosthetic arms and legs you get from his quest seems to drastically increase unarmed damage. Without them my crits dealt ~1500 dmg with them on a crit could deal up to 6000 dmg. Do not know if it works on normal melee weapons, will test more later when I got time.

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