Builds for Biomutant features an arrangement of character equipment, weapons, mutation, abilities that defines a specific set of playstyle or highlight a certain natural strength for the player's character. This page features Biomutant Builds by the Fextralife Team, builds are created as playstyle ideas and as such their performance is varied, and should not be taken as a requirement or objective of the game. Check out the videos done by the Fextralife team or alternatively click on the titles for each build to get to the in-depth written guides.


Biomutant Best Builds

The Biomutant 1.4 Patch introduces some changes and fixes to some of the content in the original Build guides. The original guides and guide videos still outline the builds and the playstyle while players can watch the Update video to be caught up with the more current and updated build recommendations.




Biomutant Builds

Looking for the best builds for Biomutant on your first playthrough? Check out our content below. Returning and veteran players can also check them out to learn new tips and tricks related to each playstyle to create the optimal builds for themselves. Find a variety of ideas in the guides each with in-depth explanations and details on the choices and recommendations made to optimize and grow your builds. Find the best class and best weapons to use, what perks to use, optimal stat distribution and more. Melee fighter, Ranged gunner or Psi-power using Mage builds are all viable playstyles in Biomutant that work well for builds leveled 15 to 50 and all the way to the maximum level and NG+. You can also further enhance playstyles and builds with various Biogenetic mutations and Psi-powers or Wung-Fu techniques that give you more options and flexibility in combat.

Starting out fresh with Biomutant the first steps you want to take is to figure out how you want to approach battle. Do you like staying at range and hitting enemies with cool looking abilities and Psi-Powers? Hit them hard with guns and bullets to clear enemies out? Run in with a giant weapon or dual wield weapons in both hands and engage in close ranged Wung-Fu? Based on what you like to do the Builds below can give you great ideas on where to start and help you figure out the early game. 

Biomutant is a large expansive game with great player customization options and with the New Game + experience players now have access to perks from all classes. Getting later into the game players will be able to easily and comfortably mix and match playstyles and explore all kinds of ways to fight their enemies. Use these builds as a reference point on what works for each playstyle when mixing the styles to achieve the best effects. 


Psi-Freak (Mage) Biomutant Build


Psi-Freak Build, which uses a deadly combination of Psi-Powers, Biogenetics, and Perks to outlast enemies until they are dead. This build goes all-in on using psi-powers and biogenetic abilities to rain down damage with a mage playstyle. Select the Fip breed at creation and invest into increasing Intellect to continue to deal huge damage to enemies. This Build is not overly complicated, but it can take awhile to put together since you need to collect Psi and Bio Points in order to unlock Abilities. 

The build is great at dealing with enemies in crowds using Ki-Spark and SkySpark to hit all enemies at once or more simply dealing damage from range using Rad Wisps and Spark Ball. The damage from these abilities only scale with Intellect making the stat investment necessary to keep dealing damage throughout the game.

This Mage build also has great survivability once the Brain Drain perk is unlocked which allows you to restore health while doing damage with powers. This goes especially well with the Ki-Spark ability that has a low range, allowing players to brave the dangers of close-range fighting as a mage by out-healing and out-lasting their enemies.

During the early stages of the game players will likely not be able to do kill all the enemies in each encounter without running out of energy. It is therefore recommended to pick up a ranged or melee weapon to fight with during the down-time when energy is low and needs regenerating. 

If you intend to play as a Psi-Freak, and you want to know how to play one as effectively as possible, then this guide is for you.

As of the 1.4 patch, the critical bug has been fixed so players with the Mind Melt perk unlocked can now deal critical damage with powers to greatly improve damage output. Additionally another source of damage increase can be found in the Blaze Gloves that increases the damage output of powers by around 20%.


Dead-Eye (Automatic Rifle/Rifle) Biomutant Build


Dead-Eye Build, which uses a deadly combination of Perks and an Automatic Rifle or Rifle to shred enemies in seconds. This build focuses on doing damage with two-handed rifles such as the Automatic Rifle and Rifles but also support the use of Shotguns. Pick the Primal or Murgel breeds and invest in the luck stat to increase the critical chance of your attacks. This Build is not overly complicated, is good for new players and veterans alike, and is an excellent starting point as you learn the ins and outs of combat.

This build centers around dealing large amounts of damage to enemies through the use of the Sharpshooter perk from the Dead-Eye class along with the Perfect Reload perk to quickly dispatch enemies. Doing large amounts of damage with each magazine then quickly getting a full reload to continue dealing damage. Crack Shot and Sniper are also great perks for this build when not using an Automatic Rifle. Save upgrade points for perks as Wung-Fu is not necessary for this build, similarly Bio points are best spent on resistances which will let you explore more areas to get even better loot.

The only attribute that directly contributes to the build is the Luck stat to increase damage through critical chance, other stats are relevant for armor requirements but are not very important to the build. Look for armor with critical chance as a priority but balance that against having a comfortable amount of protection. While you won't start with an Automatic Rifle or Rifle when going with this build, follow the guide video to locations where you can find rifles. Guns with Split or Chainshot can increase damage output and help greatly when fighting against groups of enemies.

If you intend to play a Ranged Build, you need ideas on how to play one, or you like Automatic Weapons or Rifles, then this guide is for you.

As of the 1.4 patch, the Sharpshooter perk damage multiplier has been lowered to 1.25 times damage for two handed weapons, as well as critical chance addons being lowered overall however with New Game+ players gain access to perks from all other classes which helps to make up the damage loss. The damage output of the build has been lowered but is still able to do a lot of damage and the build still does its job of allowing you to play as a walking machine gun. 



Giga Chad (Strength Dual Wield) Biomutant Build


Mercenary Build, which can also be used by the Saboteur or Sentinel classes. It uses a deadly combination of Perks and Melee Weapons to beat enemies to a pulp. This build and guide supports melee fighting styles and recommends Dual Wield Melee and Two-Handed Slash for damage output. Pick the Dumdon breed for the most stat benefits to melee damage otherwise the Primal and Murgel breeds are also quite good. This Build is not overly complicated, is good for new players and veterans alike, and is a bit more challenging than a Ranged Build. 

This build centers around dealing damage using melee weapons through investing in the Strength stat which directly boosts melee damage. The choice of class does not affect the choice of weapon the player uses except for access to dual-wielding melee weapons being only available to the Mercenary or Saboteur classes. 

A key component to this build is finding a good Weapon to use, weapons with Overpowered are very good. During the early stages of the game players may find themselves not doing much damage with weapons. Unarmed fighting is a reasonable substitute for this part of the game, being a good source of damage. The Wung-Fu Wonder perk is a cheap upgrade that you can get to improve unarmed damage by 20% as well as getting the Unspeakable Hand Wung-Fu to give better combat mobility while looking for that better weapon to use. Follow the guide for some locations and options and ideas of where to find good weapons.

It is recommended for players to learn how to parry and riposte enemies to greatly improve their fighting.  Melee fighters will also want to look into Wung-Fu techniques that will allow them to have mobility during combat depending on their weapon to increase the combat effectiveness moving through and around enemies as they fight. With the low energy pool that this build has psi-power choices will be limited, get Blink for emergency use when you need to quickly get out of a bad situation or the use Freeze power when surrounded to briefly stun everything near you 

If you intend to play a Melee Build, you need ideas on how to play one but aren’t sure exactly how, then this guide is for you.

As of the 1.4 patch, melee weapons see a base damage increase however also suffer from the reduced the critical chance provided by addons. This update makes armor that provides critical chance slightly more important for this build but it is still recommended to focus on increasing the Strength stat for damage.


More Builds Soon!

More Biomutant Builds coming soon!




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