Specialization Psionics
Class Abilities Spark Ball

Psi-Freak is one of the Classes in Biomutant. Classes provide an archetype for the player to model their character's abilities and combat affinities after. Each class specializes in a combat style, uses different starting equipment and are assigned special Class Abilities that make them more effective in combat.


Psi-Freaks are experimenting with psionic powers and mutations. They're usually outcasts on the fringe of society.


Psi-Freak Information

  • The Psi-Freak Class is perfect for those wishing to use Psionics in combat, and pairs well with either the Fip or Rex Breeds. They start off with the Sparkball Ability, as well as a chunky boost to their Energy Regen via Megamind.

  • The Psi Freak Class Synergises very well with all forms of Electric damage, including that from ranged and melee weapons. This class works very well with Ki Spark and Sky Spark as a result.


Psi-Freak Class Abilities

  • Spark Ball - To shoot a Spark Ball, press down the input you have bount the ability to. It will make you throw the ball in the direction you are facing, inflicting damage to the enemy you hit.
  • Megamind - Your Ki-Energy Regen is increased by 20%


Psi-Freak Class Perks

Perks can be unlocked with upgrade points gained from levelling up.

Your Ki-Energy Regen is increased by 20%
You have +10 intellect Attribute at Night. 1
Mind Melt
Power Damage ability attacks have a 10% chance to inflict a Critical hit. 1
Psi Spikes
Power Damage attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target. 2
Level Needed 7
Brain Drain
Attacks that inflict Power Damage, regenerate your Health by 20% 2
Level Needed 15



Psi-Freak Starting Equipment

Each class has its specific starting equipment:


Psi-Freak Notes & Trivia

  • The Spark Ball Psi-Power can only be used by Psi-Freak Class and replaces the Sizzle Ball. Instead of shooting fireballs, shoot balls of electricity balls of electricity.
  • Notes and Trivia go here



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