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Specialization Ranged
Class Abilities Perfect Reload

Dead-Eye is one of the Classes in Biomutant. Classes provide an archetype for the player to model their character's abilities and combat affinities after. Each class specializes in a combat style, uses different starting equipment and are assigned special Class Abilities that make them more effective in combat.


The Dead-Eye is a tricky, skillful rogue who's chosen a life outside law and society values.


Dead-Eye Information

The Dead-Eye Class is a natural choice for those specializing in Ranged Weapons, and pairs well with the Primal, Hyla or Murgel Breeds. They start off with average stats and a slight boost to Critical Chance.


Dead-Eye Class Abilities

  • Perfect Reload - Your ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and your next magazine is granted +20% damage.


Dead-Eye Class Perks

Perks can be unlocked with upgrade points gained from levelling up.

Non-automatic Rifles inflicts 20% more Attack Damage. upgrade point icon biomutant wiki guide 30px
The Reload time for Ranged weapons is reduced by 25%. 1 upgrade point icon biomutant wiki guide 30px
Non-automatic Rifles have a 10% Critical Chance bonus.  2 upgrade point icon biomutant wiki guide 30px
Dual wielded guns have 20% increased Rate of Fire. 2 upgrade point icon biomutant wiki guide 30px
Two-handed Guns inflicts 25% more damage. 3 upgrade point icon biomutant wiki guide 30px
Level Needed 15



Dead-Eye Starting Equipment

Each class has its specific starting equipment:


Dead-Eye Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here



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