Endings for Biomutant covers information on the game's conclusion, including the different outcomes that can be achieved. As a freeform open-world RPG that employs the Aura karmic system, the actions and choices you make in Biomutant can shape the world around you in many ways, with key conversations and objectives that ultimately decide the fate of the world and its inhabitants.

This page features all available Endings and information on how to achieve them.

Biomutant Endings

 Each ending is represented a combination of the endings of individual actions that you took during your adventure. You can find the endings according to each categories listed below

During the final scene, you'll follow your conscience towards your ending.

Tribes Ending

You'll see an ending telling you which tribe you allied with and the end result of the Tribe War.

Tribes Unite

If you decide to join forces with all tribes after capturing each fortress, you'll see a cinematic where all tribes are working together to create a new and brighter future.

Imprison Enemy Tribes


If you decide to imprison all Tribe leaders you'll ????

Tree of Life Ending

Heal Nono Roots and Defeat World Eaters

If you defeat all the World Eaters and heal the Nono Roots you'll be told that the Tree of Life and the World has got a second chance.

Ark Ending

Escape the Planet

You and the NPCs you selected will board the ARK and leave the planet.


Lupa Lupin Ending

Spare Lupa Lupin

You can Spare Lupa Lupin and accept the cycle of the predator

Slay Lupa Lupin

You can slay Lupa Lupin and leave him inside the cave.


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