Vehicles in Biomutant are a type of Equipment presented in the form of a rideable means of traversal, allowing the Character to transverse across different types of Terrain, similar to Mounts; some Vehicles even possess extra utilities, and can be upgraded. This page serves to cover all information regarding the types of Vehicles in Biomutant, their respective types of terrain, acquisition, upgrades, and more.


Biomutant Vehicles Guide

Vehicles in Biomutant refer to a type of upgradeable Equipment that aid the Character in travelling around the Map. Players can call vehicles at any time by using the Transport Wheel Menu, but some vehicles are zone-restricted or may be limited by terrain.

Biomutant Vehicle Types

Like Mounts, Vehicle in Biomutant are designed to better navigating through a specific type of terrain; however, one key difference is that some Vehicles can be upgraded to boost their effectiveness, giving them extra functions.

All Vehicles possess a special function related to certain biomes of the world, and some are even crucial for beating certain Bosses, as many Bosses spawn in special terrain. The list of existing Vehicles, along with their applicable upgrades, are listed as follows:


A giant robot equipped to travel through the Dead Zone


An Agile Watersky capable of sailing on goo waters


A Giant mechanical hand equipped with a Finger-Cannon


Pee-Wee Gargantua

A docile mutated shark capable of quickly moving across all types of water


A small bat, capable of gliding great distances.


A Baloon-Ship, capable of sailing through the winds of the Kluppy Dunes




A powerful Submarine vehicle constructed to defeat the Murk Puff


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