Matching Terrain
Kluppy Dunes
Related Bosses N/A
Acquisition Lobo Side Quest

Gullblimp is a Vehicle in Biomutant. The Gullblimp can be used to fly through the Kluppy Dunes. You'll acquire the Gullblimp during Lobo Side Quest.


Gullblimp Information

  • The Gullblimp allow you to fly through the Kluppy Dunes
  • The Gullblimp can only be summoned while in the Kluppy Dunes
  • You can press the Dodge button to let go the maneuver and walk through the ship.
  • You can go up and down by interacting with the anchor
  • While using the Gullblimp, you won't be able to attack or be attacked by enemies.


Gullblimp Abilities

  • The Gullblimp can fly through the Kluppy Dunes. It will automatically adjust its height and will be able to go above most objects and mountains.


How to get Gullblimp

 You'll acquire the Gullblimp during Lobo Side Quest


Gullblimp Upgrades

The Gullblimp cannot be upgraded.


Gullblimp Notes & Trivia

  •  Notes & Trivia go here


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