Puzzles in Biomutant are commonly found and they have to be solved to trigger some event, from opening a door to making a piece of machinery work. Some open new paths while others feature different rewards. The maximum amount of moves in which the Puzzle can be done depends on the Intellect of your character, the higher the Intellect the more available moves. If you fail, your character may suffer some kind of punishment, like an electric shock, but it may not affect your health. It only means that you failed the puzzle and the puzzle will reset after that.

Solving a puzzle may grant you random loot.


Puzzles in Biomutant


Rotation Puzzle

Rotate each of the nodes so that the colors match each other. Each node has a certain position it must be rotated into to complete the puzzle. Running out of moves before that may have consequences.  To switch which node is selected, use W and S keys. To rotate the node, press Q and E keys. You have a determinate number of rotations. The higher your intellect, the more moves you have. 


Circuitboard Puzzle

Toggle the diodes in the correct order to make the whole circuit board turn green. By switching at one of them, the selected and the consecutive to the selected light will change to the opposite color.


Cable Puzzle

Connect al three cables to generate a value that matches the key at the bottom. You need to connect three cables to different ports to solve the puzzle. Each port has a positive and/or negative value. These values can be seen above and below the port. To successfully complete the puzzle, connect the cables so that the add up to the amount shown at the bottom of the screen.


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