Armor in Biomutant are specialized Equipment that provide our character with various Stats and play an important role in exploration, granting access to otherwise hidden or blocked off areas, mitigating or negating the effects of various environmental hazards among others. Some Armor can also be used in combat, providing utility or a different approach to defeating enemies such as allowing the Protagonist to fly out of reach of melee opponents while raining ammunition from above. Armor can be found during exploration or crafted by major NPCs after meeting certain conditions.


How to get Armor in Biomutant?

Armor can be obtained from looting Enemies, Chest and Containers scattered throughout the world. They can also be purchased from Gear Wear Broker.  Keep in mind that increasing your Loot Chance attribute will make you more likely to find higher Rarity Armor.


There are no restrictions on the type of Armor you can equip, but some equipment may have Level requirements, Attribute requirements, or even both. Generally, the better the Armor, the higher its requirements

Armor Quality, Rarity and Material

Each piece of Armor in Biomutant has 3 qualifiers that define it: Rarity, Quality, and Material. Rarity is defined by the sum of the quality of the equipment and the add-ons you assigned to them. Therefore, as the quality and materials of any piece of equipment increases, its rarity will also be improved. Rarities can be:

Common ♦ UncommonRareLegendaryRelicUltimate

You can visit Crafting for more information regarding Upgrading and Modifying Armor.

Saving Outfits

Once you have finished equipping your character, you can save the entire Outfit to a preset slot. This allows you to quickly switch from Outfits to the best one that suits your current challenge. Go to the Outfits Menu to change it. 


Armor in Biomutant


Armor Suits are a combination of Armor in BiomutantArmor Suits provide players with protection and resistances against all types of damage and negative status effects such as Heat, Cold, Biohazard, and more. Wearing Armor Suits also changes the character's appearance. Equipping all Suit pieces won't grant any additional effects.

Armor Suits can be obtained after completing certain Side Quests




Armor Suits in Biomutant






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