Combat for Biomutant contains information regarding basic tips and tricks for the combat system of the game. Players can find information on both basic and advanced tips that can help both new and veteran players to better understand the combat mechanic as well as various actions and moves that can be executed.


Biomutant Combat

Combat in Biomutant are experienced from a 3rd person perspective, executed with specific combat Abilities determined by the Character's choice of Faction, Mutation, and style of Martial Arts.  While players can craft and wield Weapons to deal varying amounts of damage and different effects to Enemies, they can also collect Mechanical Attachments from loots to further boost their mobility and combat capabilities. To travel to certain Locations and defeat some of the Bosses, different Mounts and Vehicles must be acquired, making them another integral part to the game's Combat.

Biomutant Martial Arts Styles

Martial Arts in Biomutant is a defining element in the game's Combat System. Martial Arts are styles of Wung-Fu that the character can acquire by defeating Bosses, completing Quests, or directly learning from Wushu Masters


Biomutant Mounts and Vehicles

Another integral component of Combat in Biomutant are Mounts and Vehicles. While Mounts take the form of a Companion, and Vehicles that of an Equipment, both are crucial for travelling across specific Terrains. More importantly, both possess additional Combat abilities that can aid the player during battle, making them essential for many Terrain-specific Bosses.


Weapon Add-On

You found a weapon special effect add-on. Attach it to your ranged weapon to give it an extra damage type for as long as the ammo lasts. Some enemies have a resistance or weakness to different weapon special effects, so use them wisely.
To attach the Special Effect Add-on select it through the consumable quick menu. To open the menu, hold: 1 / ps4_uparrow_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / xbox_arrow_up_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px


Biomutant Weapon Crafting

Weapons in Biomutant are acquired by gathering Crafting Materials from loots, and assembling compatible materials together through Crafting. Weapons created can be melee or ranged, and different types of Crafting Materials will result in different Stats as well as a respective Ammo types.


Biomutant Mechanical Attachments

Players can acquire Mechanical Attachments, such as robotic limbs, rocket fists, or mechanical wings through looting Enemies they have defeated. These attachments boosts attacks with special combat buffs, each in their own unique way. 


Basic Combat

  • Melee Targeting: Move towards an enemy to target with melee attacks.
  • Ranged Targeting: Aim the camera towards an enemy to target them with ranged attacks.
  • Reloading: To reload your ranged weapon press: R / ps4_r1_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / xbox_rb_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px (Reload Button).
  • Quick Reload: When the ammo indicator is red, you can perform a Quick Reload. A successful Quick Reload will shorten the reload time and increase the damage of the next bullet. Quick reload by pressing: R / ps4_r1_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / xbox_rb_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px (Reload Button).
  • Weapon Switching: To switch weapons, either use the Quick Select menus or go to the Gear menu and select the hand slots.



Remember to parry enemy attacks. When the enemy attacks, and you see lightning bolts flashing above their heads, press: Q / ps4_l1_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / xbox_lb_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px (Parry Button) 



Some enemies carry large shields. You need to break the shield with melee attacks before you can deal damage to the enemy.  

Ki Energy

Ki Energy is used for dodging, using Mutations, and performing Special Attacks. When you're out of Ki Energy, you'll be unable to perform these actions. Your Ki Energy regenerates, both in and out of combat.


Health Regen

Your health doesn't automatically regenerate in combat. You have to use consumables or find other ways to heal.
You can use a bandage by holding the Quick Select menu input and selecting it.
Remember to use your healing items when you're wounded. To open the item selection, hold: 1 / ps4_uparrow_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40pxxbox_arrow_up_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px



Fallen enemies can often be looted for healing items. Find a highlighted fallen enemy and then press: E / xbox_y_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px / ps4_triangle_button_biomutant_wiki_guide_40px



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