The Automaton in Biomutant is a small robotic companion that accompanies the player through his adventure. The Automaton comes equipped with many different Functions that players can unlock to aid them in battle and to navigate through the world.


Biomutant Automaton Guide


Unlocking Automaton Functions

The Mirage

Players can unlock new Automaton Functions by completing The Mirage quests. The Mirage may appear in front of you at random locations during your gameplay and the quest will be obtained each time you see him.


Unlocking Functions

By simply interacting with the Mirage, you will be immediately transported to a playable memory, and you must fight against a Disciple or multiple Disciples as your younger self. After the fight is over by either winning or losing, you will find yourself back at the present, but the Mirage will be gone, and you will be able to choose the Automaton functionality you want to recall.




All Automaton Functions

Health Injector

Activate the Automaton's heal function in the consumable favourites' radial wheel.

Will activate on its own if your health drops low enough.


The Automaton's flashlight function is automatically activated when in darker areas.

The Flashlight will point in the direction you are looking at


To use the Automaton's Glider wings, jump off at a high elevation and then press and HOLD jump while in the air. You control it when flying by using the navigation controls. Pithing it down will increase the speed.

Imput Sequence: Jump + Jump Hold Jump


The Automaton's turret function is automatically activated whenever enemies are around and will aid you in combat


Activate the Automaton's Boost function in the consumable radial wheel to boost your damage output. It can be used again after a set amount of time (180 Seconds)



Automaton Appearance

The Automaton Noticeboards quests narrate the events that happened in the world before the great collapse. During this quests players will be able to find gift packs that contain Automaton Appearances inside.

Beside the starting appearance, there are 10 more unlockable appearances that the player can unlock


This is the Default Automaton Skin


Muss Automaton

Related Quest:

Newt Automaton

Related Quest:

Tokik Automaton

Related Quest:


Muka Automaton

Related Quest:

Kwak Automaton

Related Quest:




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