Patch Notes for Biomutant covers an overview of all the patches released by the developer, Experiment 101. The following patches are free and are released via online PlayStation Network, Xbox, and Steam, these patches focus on game balance, performance and localization issues.


Biomutant Patch Notes

BIOMUTANT Post-release Patch 1.5 = 18/06/21

PC Specific 

● Added “Field of View Type” setting for selecting between horizontal and vertical Field of View. Vertical Field of View is useful when using a wider monitor to get the correct aspect ratio. By default, the Field of View is set to be horizontal. 
● Fixed crash when temporarily losing contact with the GPU.

PlayStation 4 Specific 

● Fixed some menus not working correctly when Enter and Back buttons are swapped.  


● Increased level cap from 50 to 100. 
Items & Loot 
In order to improve the looting experience, we’ve tweaked how the loot generation works to reduce duplicate items and improve variety. We have also added several new items which have higher stats than their lower rarity counterparts. This means that an item found with a certain rarity can also be found later with a higher rarity and substanitally improved stats.  
And to top it off, we have also added a much-requested scrap action to the loot screen, which should reduce time spent cleaning up the inventory.

● Added more superb loot variations. 
● Added higher tier relic and legendary weapon parts that will start dropping at level 50. 
● Updated loot generation to provide more variation and less duplicate items. 
● Added scrap action to loot screen. 
● Added settings for hiding or showing head items. 
● Increased damage of later tribe weapons to better fit player level and gear. 
● Removed addon slots from special gear that can't be scrapped, lost or crafted with.
● Fixed issue which allowed an unlimited material supply to be gained from crafting.
● Fixed Missile Cloud to correctly fire on every fourth shot during Rapid Shot in Super Wushu. 
● Updated Saw Blades to have a lower spread, higher velocity and correct pierce through enemy behavior. 
● Fixed Pichu Nanchuk being hidden in inspect mode. 
● Fixed issue where it was possible to equip another one-handed weapon when the Pichu Nanchuk was already equipped. 
● Fixed issue which caused Valve addon to have higher stats than intended. 
● Reduced resistance values for Ancient Pants to make other gear more viable. 
● Fixed favorite consumables quick menu being scrambled when there are no free slots available. 
● Fixed Automaton Health Injector cooldown being reset when using Automaton Boost resulting in Automaton Health Injector only being refilled after resting.  


● Added “HUD > Mode” setting where it’s possible to select either “ALWAYS SHOW” or “DYNAMIC”. Selecting the “DYNAMIC” option hides the persistent UI elements after a while outside combat. When “DYNAMIC” is selected the player can open either menu or quick menu for the UI elements to show up temporarily. By default, the old “ALWAYS SHOW” behavior is selected. 
● Added “Quick Menu Toggle” accessibility setting. When enabled the player isn’t required to hold down the corresponding input to open the quick menus in order to e.g. use a consumable or swap weapons. Instead, the quick menus will open and close by tapping the corresponding button. 

Dialogue & Narrator 

● Changed so the "Just a few moves left… make them count." narration is played with a chance after the first time. 
● Fixed issue where the Conscience voice over was disabled when using the setting “DIALOGUES > Narrator”. 
● Fixed issue where Conscience characters would perform their animations in slow motion. 
● Fixed first narrator voice line after character presentation in child village not playing when gibberish was disabled. 
● Fixed dev-marker erroneously appearing in Popsi’s dialogue text. 


● Added optional Lock-on targeting for melee combat. 
● Added attack animation-canceling to certain moves by using dodge.  
● Added ability for smaller enemies to throw rocks at the player when mounted.  
● Added chance for the player to be knocked off their mount when hit. 
● Added fleeing behavior to player mounts when in combat. 
● Tweaked the Porky Puff double-boulder throw attack. Now it’s possible to dodge the second rock after being hit by the first one. 
● Fixed issue where the player could get stuck in grab animations. 
● Fixed Invincibility perk damage multiplier. 
● Fixed Stimulus perk damage multiplier. 
● Fixed cases where Airstrike would sometimes miss when using Klonkfist. 
● Fixed jump attack preventing ranged attacks while airstriking. 
● Fixed Rad Wisps being spawned while in menus. 
● Fixed Lupa-Lupin camp intro cinematic being played when in combat 
● Fixed issue where escorted characters were attempting to target already defeated enemies. 
● Fixed issue which caused Pichu goons to only use kick attacks. Now they use their Pichu Nanchuks properly. 
● Fixed issue where rocks thrown using Telekinesis would not deal damage. 
● Fixed critical hits from abilities not showing red damage numbers. 
User Interface 

● Added indicators for completed area objectives on the Map. 
● Added pinned indicator to items used in outfits. 
● Fixed equipped indicator showing incorrect item after selling another item. 
● Added paused playtime when in the system menu or when the game is deactivated. 
● Added initial quest tab selection which opens either “Main” or “Side” quest tab based on the tracked quest. 
● Fixed overlapping UI when changing tab directly after fast travel. 
● Updated the transport menu with smoother transitions and removed the camera fades in-between selections. 
● Fixed issue where pressing the map button would not close the map and bring you back to the game. 
● Fixed percent stats not being capped at 100%. 
● Fixed XP bar not being hidden when at max level. 

● Fixed MkTon sometimes not spawning when talking to Gizmo. 
● Fixed "Lupa-Lupin's Lair" not being completable after loading a save. 
● Fixed issue where bandit camp quests sometimes would not be completed. 
● Fixed issue where bandit camp captains sometimes would not spawn. 
● Fixed issue where Lotus Captain quest could be given multiple times which prevented consecutive quest copies from being completed. 
● Fixed issue where defeating Bompa Bonker before starting the corresponding quest would prevent the player from completing the quest after saving and loading. 
● Fixed issue where some unique quest rewards did not get correct Material and Quality, resulting in them sometimes not having correct stats. 
● Fixed puzzles being usable through walls using Klonkfist. 
● Fixed issue where the player could change the allied tribe after meeting with either Gizmo, Goop, Whiz or Noko although the first outpost hadn't been captured. 
● Fixed Batnam-nam being able to receive player damage. 
● Fixed “Eyes on the Prize” which couldn't be completed after loading a save game. 
● Fixed issue where the player could get stuck during an outpost capture when using the Klonkfist on the oil tanks. 
● Fixed issue where the player was able to interact with a certain Lumen Shrine during combat. 
● Fixed issue where all rival tribe weapons were not claimable when using tribewar shortcut. 
New Game+ 

● Added modifiers which somewhat increase the difficulty after starting a NG+ game and also additionally for each new subsequent NG+ loop. 
● Fixed Aura score not being reset when starting a NG+ game. 
● Fixed Plank Resources being reset when starting a NG+ game. 

● Added respawning enemies to some areas. 
● Increased spawn rate for random encounters. 
● Moved wrecked-ship to the correct Map location. 
● Fixed Bio Nucleus 6D area objectives not being completable. 
● Removed locked door blocking access to area objectives in Bangshelter 9H. 
● Fixed a car that couldn't be looted in Bangshelter 3J. 
● Fixed a door in Bangshelter 2G so the Anti-Radiation suit can be received.  
Crash Fixes 

● Fixed crash when a character receives damage. 
● Fixed crash when player is forced to exit the MkTon. 
● Fixed crash when player climbs up on an enemy. 
● Fixed crash when launching towards an enemy.
● Fixed crash with narrator commentary. 

● Fixed appearance not being reset when reverting character mutation changes. 
● Fixed issue causing the player to take hazard damage while appearing to have maximum resistance. 
● Removed bright spots from the post process that were always visible. 
● Fixed missing "EXTREME" label on extreme difficulty save files. 
● Fixed issue where Brogg could choke on Gullblimp and cause the player to become stuck. 
● Fixed issue which allowed Fungi to be spawned on oil. 
● Fixed some attack sounds having incorrect volume. 
● Increased free-fall duration needed for mounts and the player to trigger a hard landing. 
● Fixed jitter during mounting animation. 
● Fixed issue where the MkTon door at gizmo sometimes would be incorrectly closed.
● Fixed issue where reload animations would trigger and conflict during cinematics. 
● Fixed issue where an incorrect prompt was shown when using the Klonkfist on moth nests. 

BIOMUTANT Post-release Patch 1.4 = 01/06/21

 PC Specific

● Fixed crash with AMD-based CPUs with built-in graphics.
● Fixed crash when device info contains invalid display data on AMD-based CPUs.

Tutorial Area

In order to improve the pacing of the early parts of the game, we’ve edited dialogues to be
shorter. We’ve also added more enemies and loot to these areas to better represent the
experience later in the game.

● Added more early enemy encounters.
● Added missing loot in empty trenches outside Jagni Fortress.
● Added Item drop chance for Bunker 101 crates.
● Updated Best-Before memory to decrease the distance between the Nonos and the
Pensai tree.
● Removed some parts of Out-of-Date and Best-Before’s dialogues to improve pacing.
● Removed multiple dialogue fragments to shorten tutorial area length.
● Removed some parts of Goop and Gizmo’s dialogues to improve pacing.
● Removed multiple camera presentations to improve pacing.

Dialogue & Narrator
● Reduced the amount of gibberish spoken before the Narrator starts translating.
● Added dialogue setting toggles for “Gibberish” and “Narrator” allowing players to select if
they want to hear the narrator, the gibberish or both when talking to NPCs.
● Fixed narration and gibberish playing silently and producing an awkward pause when
each corresponding volume setting is set to 0 instead of skipping the sound entirely.
● Removed the text delay animation when either gibberish or narration is disabled.

Difficulty Settings
● Added "Extreme" difficulty setting, where enemy damage and attack rate is further
● Fixed difficulty settings not being applied for already spawned enemies. New Game+
● Opened up all class perks for NG+ games. When starting a NG+ game, the player will now
be able to unlock perks from all classes.

● Added Motion Blur slider to the settings.
● Fixed so the camera setting “Auto Adjust > Player” also applies for combat, if turned off
the camera will no longer try to frame enemies while in combat.
● Fix Depth of Field toggle not being applied in dialogues

Items & Loot
● Increased chances that items found have a level requirements closer to the player's
actual level when found. Players will still be able to find items with higher level
requirements, but player level is now taken into account.
● Removed Common item loot drops from high level loot crates.
● Reduced the amount of healing items that the player will find from crates and defeated
● Increased base damage from melee bodies, handles and addons by approximately 5%.
● Reduced base damage from ranged bodies, muzzles and grips by approximately 5%.
● Fixed resistance stats not being applied for crafted gear when adding addons.
● Reduced gear addon resistance and critical chance bonuses.
● Ensured that quest reward “Diver's Helmet” will no longer drop as random loot.
● Removed slots from all protective suits.

● Updated melee sound effects across the board.
● Updated mount sound effects volume.
● Added sound effects for tribe war trebuchet.
● Updated sounds when the player lands inside HQ after being launched from catapult.

● Fixed issue with abnormally high damage output due to consumable top mod applying
meta damage multiple times during equip and unequip.
● Fixed ability damage not being able to inflict critical hits.
● Reduced Dead-Eye Sharpshooter perk damage multiplier from 2.0 to 1.25 to ensure that
it is comparable to other perks.
● Disabled end-of-combat slow motion camera for short combat scenarios.
● Adjusted valid angles for combat targets to reduce camera movement in combat.
● Disabled camera look-at when striking characters up in the air.
● Fixed a few cases where airstriking would not complete its last attack. ● Adjusted speed of some enemy grabs. It is now a bit easier to dodge them in time.
● Fixed kick attack from smaller enemies being too difficult to parry. Parry window is now
more consistent and enemies can be staggered out of it.
● All Tribe Sifus and Lupa Lupin in the final encounter now react stronger to being parried,
allowing players to parry and then counterattack.
● Fixed issues with tracking on Jagni Staff attacks. First three hits will no longer overshoot
targets and dodge attack is more reliable.
● Fixed sometimes spawning double death particle effects on defeated enemies.
● Fixed issue with Pichu Nanchuk not stopping its animation.
● Fixed larger enemies with melee weapons animating too quickly at slow walking speeds.
● Adjusted hit reactions for Morks to make melee more viable and satisfying to use.
● Fixed issue with dodge shooting while reloading not moving the character correctly.
● Fixed issue with Airstrike sometimes being canceled.
● Adjusted the range for melee attacks to improve enemy tracking and reduce misses.
● Fixed issue where melee gap closer would sometimes overshoot.
● Fixed backwards attack for crush weapons resulting in a miss most of the time.
● Adjusted animations for unarmed and glove attacks to be faster.
● Fixed issue where the player would sometimes become stuck underneath larger
enemies after being knocked to the ground.
● Added ability to slide underneath legs of titans.
● Fixed issue where the player would sometimes get stuck inside an enemy after a vault or
legslide move.
● Fixed issue where the player would sometimes get stuck inside an enemy after Airstrike.
● Adjusted sound and rumble effect for successful parry to improve feedback.
● Fixed issue where Airstrike would cause enemies to be launched very far.
● Improved aiming for Jumbo Puff when throwing rocks.

Quests & Achievements
● Fixed game progress not being able to reach 100% due to unavailable quest states
within a single playthrough.
● Fixed "Back to the Roots" quest sometimes not being completed.
● Adjusted tribe war flow to be more robust.
● Fixed the “Old World Gadgets” trophy correctly unlocking after finding old world gadgets.

Crash Fixes
● Fixed crash when moving objects between areas using Telekinesis.

User Interface
● New weapon Wung-Fu is now only unlocked when the player has crafted a new weapon
instead of being unlocked when looting an individual component. ● Added correct “fast travel locked” message when attempting to fast travel while climbing
a ladder or falling.
● Added Mercenary DLC indicator to main menu.
● Added dark backdrop to QTE prompts to improve readability on lighter backgrounds.
● Moved Comic-book Effects to ensure that the counter QTE prompt is visible.
● Reversed Hypoxia Warning percent value to be consistent with other zones.
● Added fading to enemy & friendly markers at 30m distance to reduce HUD clutter.

● Remove several area objectives from Suburbia, as they are tied to the Moog quest and
could cause confusion.
● Replaced a couple of NPC tasks that didn't work as intended.
● Added missing “No-Rain” volume to the sewer entrance at oil fields to prevent indoor rain
● Subnautica station is now fully covered by correct post-process volume.
● Improved look for indoor puddles.
● Fixed issue where the player was able to fall through the world in the Myriad Fortress.
● Fixed issue where the player was able to fall through the world in an Ankati Outpost.
● Fixed issue where big oil planes were possible to walk on.
● Fixed Oil Field Monster's presentation camera being triggered underground.
● Fixed area objectives for Gutway 6G counting incorrect amount of Superb Loot.

● Disabled fast travel when jumping from water.
● Fixed issue where the “Unspeakable hand” Wung-Fu could cause NPCs to fall through
water surfaces instead of drowning.
● Fixed issue with rocket NPC being stuck in air after explosion.
● Fixed issue with rocket NPC explosion particle effects popping when being removed.
● Adjusted free-fall duration needed for Mounts to trigger hard landing.
● Fixed attribute check labels in puzzles incorrectly being displayed as “Loot Chance”
instead of “Intellect”.
● Fixed infinite jump while using photo mode.
● Fixed fireflies not spamming narration when caught.
● Fixed child memories being auto-completed when opening photo mode.
● Fixed some doors opening after using photo mode.
● Fixed smoke from burning villages sometimes being rendered as stripes on AMD GPU's.
● Adjusted default camera pitch up a bit so it's not positioned directly behind the player
● Fixed resistance being reset after modifying appearanc

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