Merchants in Biomutant are special NPCs that primarily provide trading services, allowing the player to buy and sell various Items and Equipment in exchange for Green (currency in the form of a leaf). Green is gathered from specific bushes or through selling items. There are a few Merchants that are locked behind progression. This page covers all available Merchants in the game and includes information on their inventory. 

Vendor Types

Each Vendor is specialized on a particular type of items: Melee Weapon Parts, Ranged Weapon Parts, Gear Parts, Clothes, or Mounts.



Biomutant Merchants


Common Merchants

Common Merchants can be found in Outposts and Fortresses that belong to your tribe, and their appearance depends on the tribe dominating the region.


Pew Pew Broker

Sells Ranged Weapons and Ranged Weapon Mods

Brawl Ware Broker

Sell Melee Weapons and Melee Weapon Mods



Other Merchants



Lump is baker that makes the best pastries around.


Klick runs a low-key business


Thingamajig Broker

Consumables, Gear, Ranger & Melee Weapons.


Juju is a styler-fitter of the most fantastic kind.


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