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Juju is an NPC in Biomutant. NPCs are Non-Playable Characters that inhabit the game world and can be interacted with. NPCs provide information and backstory on the game's many aspects and features. Some NPCs can give out Quests, and/or may also provide useful Equipment for you.


Juju is a styler-fitter of the most fantastic kind.


Juju Information

  • Juju is just thrilled to finally meet you. Even in these darkest days, when the spotlights are growing dim you're like a fresh outfit. He knows you have the heart of a hero. He just wants you to look like one tool. 


Where to find Juju

Juju can be found in:


Juju Related Quests

Juju is related to the following quests:


Juju Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here



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