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Lobo is an NPC in Biomutant. NPCs are Non-Playable Characters that inhabit the game world and can be interacted with. NPCs provide information and backstory on the game's many aspects and features. Some NPCs can give out Quests, and/or may also provide useful Equipment for you.


You might remember her from the old Days when she let you ride the win in the Gullblimp.


Lobo Information

  • Lobo's Gullblimp had the wind knocked out and is also missing some parts to get it back up-in-the-air. There's a Frankendog from before the Long-gone out there in the Sparkatorium that should have the can of push-gas Lobo needs to huff up the Gullblimp. She reckons the Gullblimp will need a heavier Tiedown to bring it back down too once you've taken it above the kludds. Once everything's in order you can look forward to explore the northern parts of the Kluppydunes and beyond.


Where to find Lobo

Lobo can be found in:


Lobo Related Quests

Lobo is related to the following quests:


Lobo Notes & Trivia

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