DLC refers to Downloadable Content for Biomutant. DLC can be a pre-order bonus, a paid addition to the base game such as an expansion, or free rewards obtained during events or publisher giveaways. This page covers a list of all the available DLCs of the game.


Biomutant DLC


At the moment, Experiment 101 Art and Creative Director, Stefan Ljungqvist has only announced the official release date for Biomutant, which is set to be on May 25th, 2021.  When asked about DLCs, Ljungvist has suggested a possibility of producing additional contents in post-launch updates, but any official plans for a Biomutant DLC has yet to be confirmed.

However, fans can currently pre-order the Biomutant Standard Edition game at $59.99, and even acquire special editions of the game with bonus contents coming in varying degrees, listed as follows: 


Biomutant Collector's Edition

Available for pre-orders now at $119.99, the Biomutant Collector's Edition delivers the game with various extra perks: 

  • Official Soundtrack
  • A1 Fabric Artwork
  • Figurine of the main character
  • Premium Box

Biomutant Atomic Edition

Pre-ordering the Biomutant Atomic Edition for $399.99 will reward fans with an array ofbonuses and collectibles, including:

  • Diorama of main character in combat
  • Steelbook
  • T-Shirt in L/XL
  • Oversized Mousepad
  • A1 Fabric Artwork
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Premium Box


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