Aura in Biomutant is a gameplay mechanic and characteristic that works similarly to "Karma" systems in other games. Aura is represented as Light or Dark and is influenced by your character's actions and the decisions you make during gameplay segments and conversations. Aura may influence the way major characters react to you, the options you have available, as well as the very Ending of the game. This page covers information regarding Aura including what influences it, major outcomes, restrictions and other information.

Aura Score

The Aura Score reflects your inner balance from the decisions you make and can result in: 

  • Maximum Light > Somewhat Light > Light.
  • Maximum Dark > Somewhat Dark > Dark. 

Aura Points

You can earn Light Aura Points by choosing good actions that helps people in need. As more Light Points you obtain, your Aura will increase from Light Aura to Maximum Light Aura. On the other hand, by choosing bad actions you will earn Dark Aura Points, then your inner balance will turn to Dark Aura.

Aura and PSI Powers

Interacting with Captives and PSI Shrines will award you with PSI-points that you can use to unlock PSI-Powers. Powers can only be unlocked once you have reached the required Dark or Light points. Some powers are locked by the Aura score, meaning that your Psi-points can only unlock powers once you reach the required Light or Dark aura level.

Your overall aura level does not impact on your Psi-Power restrictions.

Child Aura

You can find a separate Aura Score when you play as a child. These decisions will affect how characters remember you as a child.


How to change Aura

The best way to acquire Dark or Light Aura is by either capturing wildlife or by releasing prisoners.


Each time you capture a wildlife creature with your net you'll be prompted with the options to kill it or keep it. This will shift your aura +1 in either direction.


Captives are another great way to shift your Aura level. When you release a Captive you'll get the chance to help him which will grant you +1 Light Aura or hit him which will grant +2 Dark Aura.


You can find various temples scattered around the world of Biomutant. Temples glow bright or dark. When you interact with them, you'll get +2 of the respective Aura.

Public Prisoner Events

You'll sometimes find stages outside of Outposts where prisoners are being displayed. You can go up the stage and either free the prisoners or interact with the book to preach. Freeing the prisoners will give you +2 Light Aura while preaching will give you +2 Dark Aura


 Dialogue options that you can select during your quests also have an impact on your Aura Levels. Helping people will give you Light Aura while mocking them will grant you Dark Aura.



Light Aura

Dark Aura

The Masterplan
After defeating the Guerilla Miniboss, release the Captive Pilgrim "I'll help you" +1 Light Aura "I already feel good" +1 Dark Aura
After picked up the Twinkle Stone and talk with Nova "Twinkles are amazing" +2 Light Aura  
After defeating the Guerilla Miniboss, release the Captive Pilgrim  "I'll help you" +1 Light Aura  "I already feel good" +2 Dark Aura




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