Lore for Biomutant features the game's story elements and setting that helps to color the world. In Biomutant, players take on the role of the mysterious Protagonist, whose origins and identity is shrouded in mystery. The Protagonist's backstory forms one leg of the main story, and embarking on their adventure to uncover the mystery is one of the ultimate goals in the game.


Biomutant Lore


Tree of Life

The idea that all life is related by common descent. Where the twigs are existing species, and those produced in the past represent the succession of the extinct. The Tree's great branches were once budding twigs, a connection between the past, present and future. A representation of all extinct and living species with its ever-branching and beautiful ramifications.


The Toxanol Corporation is the main force that caused the end of the Old World in Biomutant. They basically caused their own demise by dumping trash and waste into the ocean. The radiation caused mutations in the wildlife, causing them to evolve, and for the world to change as it in in the game.



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