Perks in Biomutant are genetic advantages or skills acquired either through choosing class at character creation or unlocked with upgrade points gained from levelling up. Perks are divide into two main categories, on one hand there are the General Perks, and for the other hand, Perks relatives to your class selection. 




All Perks in Biomutant


All General Perks in Biomutant


Luck Out
Your loot chance is increased with 10% 1
Your chance to persuade in dialogue is increased by one point. 1
Maunt Mania
Your biological mounts have 5% increased Move Speed. 1
Ki Energize
Use after a successful Special Attack to replenish some of your Ki-Energy 1
Addons to Clothes & Equipment have their Armor Value increased with 25% 2
Clip Tech
Ranged weapons can fire 25% more shots before needing to be reloaded. 2
Wung-Fu Wonder
Unarmed attacks inflict 20% more damage to the target. 2
Your Automaton's weapon inflicts 100% more damage. 2
Level Needed 7
Trigger Tech
Ranged weapons have their Reload Time reduce by 33%. 2
Level Needed 7

Perfect Reload
Your ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and your next magazine is granted +20% damage. 3
Ranged weapons have their Attack Speed increased with 10%. 3
Level Needed 7
Your Health Regen is increased by 40% while in combat. 3
Level Needed 7
Melee weapons have their Attack Damage increased with 15%. 3
Level Needed 15
Ranged weapons have their Attack Damage increases with 15%. 3
Level Needed 15
Wung-Fu Barrage
Successive unarmed attacks increases unarmed damage by 3%, up to 5 attacks. 3
Level Needed 15



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