Items in Biomutant are comprised of various consumables, crafting materials, key items, as well as collectibles. Items serve a multitude of purposes from healing, providing temporary buffs, unlocking doors and many more. Items can be found as enemy drops, loot from chests and containers, purchased from merchants or received as a reward for completing quests and objectives. This page lists all items that can be acquired in the game.


Biomutant Items


Ammo Mods are a consumable Item in Biomutant. Ammo Mods provides our character elemental bullets and a full managzine. They can be found inside boxes scattered throughout the world. 

Ammo Mods Elements

There are 5 types of Ammo Mods, one for each element: 


Ammo Mods Rarity

Ammo Mods in Biomutant have 3 qualifiers that define them: Rarity, Quality, and Material. Rarity is defined by the sum of the quality of the equipment and the add-ons you assigned to them. Therefore, as the quality and materials of any piece of equipment increases, its rarity will also be improved. There are 6 rarity levels:

Common ♦ UncommonRareLegendaryRelicUltimate



All Ammo Mods in Biomutant





Armor Pierce

Fire Rate



Critical Chance

Magazine Size

Reload Speed

biohazard_module_ammo_mod_items_bimutant_wiki_guide_300pxBiohazard Module

Biohazard 43
0% 24

cryogenic_module_ammo_mod_items_bimutant_wiki_guide_300pxCryogenic Module

Cold 58
0% 24

electric_module_ammo_mod_items_bimutant_wiki_guide_300pxElectric Module

Electric 133
0% 24

incendiary_module_ammo_mod_items_bimutant_wiki_guide_300pxIncendiary Module

Heat 18
0% 24

radioactive_module_ammo_mod_items_bimutant_wiki_guide_300pxRadioactive Module

Radioactive 18
0% 24



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