New Game Plus in Biomutant refers to a special mode for subsequent playthroughs after completing the game. This page will cover info such as additional content and activities to take part in, unique loot and rewards or hidden locations and enemies only available through this game mode.


Biomutant New Game Plus Features

New Game Plus is unlocked by completing the End Of The World quest. Select New Game+ from the main menu to play again. Your New Game+ must be saved as a common saved game. When you select the New Game+ from the menu, you will be able to select one of those saved games.

  • You'll keep all your gear and character progression and start at the foot of Tree of Life in Yerpfields.
  • The map will be undiscovered.
  • You'll skip the initial parts of the game and begin by allying with any of the six Tribes before venturing out in the world and replaying all other quests and events.
  • You will be able to make other choices and switch your Aura to opposite what you played the first time as it'll give different end results.
  • You will start with the following Main Quests: The Tree Of Life, The Tribe War and Another World.



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