New Player Help for Biomutant covers information that explaining the various mechanics of the game that will help a player prepare for the journey ahead. This page features information on tips and tricks, basic and advanced features and mechanics, as well as things you should know before playing.


Useful Links

  • Character Creation: A detailed guide on all related to character creation
  • Classes: Information on each class and their Perks.
  • Mutations: A List including all Biogenetic and PSI powers.
  • Wung-Fu: Information regarding all Skills in game
  • Controls: A detailed guide on the controls for all platforms.
  • FAQs: A detailed guide regarding the most common questions regarding Biomutant.
  • NPCs: For a complete list of all NPCs.
  • Weapons: For a detailed guide on all the weapons and bases that can be acquired throughout Biomutant.
  • Armor: A list with all the available Gear pieces and Armor Suits
  • Locations: A complete list with all locations including their objectivess divided by Biomes
  • Quests: A complete list with all Main and Side quest of the game.



Character Creation

During character creation players will be able to select their Breed, which affects some of your Stats as well as how your character looks. Breed stats are not very relevant later on with the game, so it's recommend to select the breed you most like.

After selecting your breed you'll be able to select your Stats and Resistances. While selecting your stats you'll notice that your character appearance changes. You'll be able to find Mutations Pools later in the game where you can change your appearance.

Finally, you'll have to select your Class. The only difference between the different Classes are their Perks and their starting equipment.


Most Wung-Fu abilities are related to a specific Weapon, and you'll unlock the category as soon as you find a matching weapon. Your basic moveset and Wung-Fu will match the Weapon that you are currently holding.

Each Wung-Fu style has two Special Attacks that can be unlocked by spending Upgrade Points. When you perform a special attack you'll gat a Super Wung-Fu charge. Performing a different Special Attack will grant you additional charges until you reach 3. Once you do, you'll be able to activate the Super Wun-Fu state acquiring special skills for a short amount of time.


Resistances & Suits

There are 5 types of resistances: Heat, Biohazard, Cold, Radioactive and Hypoxia (Oxigen). There are hazardous areas in the game where you'll start getting afflicted by one of these effects until you die. You can increase your resistance to each type by equipping Armor or by spending Bio-Points on the mutation tab. Higher resistance will reduce the speed of the buildup of each are and if you reach 100% you won't be affected.

When you enter any type of Hazardous area for the first time, you'll get a quest to get one of the Resistance Suits. These suits provide low armor but will max out your resistance to the related element.


Weapons & Armor

There are no restrictions on the type of Weapons or Armor you can equip, but some equipment may have Level requirements, Attribute requirements, or even both. Generally, the better the equipment, the higher its requirements

Each Weapon and Armor in Biomutant have 3 qualifiers that define them: Rarity, Quality, and Material. Rarity is defined by the sum of the quality of the equipment and the add-ons you assigned to them. Therefore, as the quality and materials of any piece of equipment increases, its rarity will also be improved. There are 6 rarity levels: Common ♦ UncommonRareLegendaryRelicUltimate

Armor can be obtained from looting Enemies, Chest and Containers scattered throughout the world. They can also be purchased from Gear Wear Broker

Keep in mind that increasing your Loot Chance attribute will make you more likely to find higher Rarity Equipment.

Vehicles & Mounts

As you progress through the game you'll find unlock a variety of Mounts and Vehicles. Mounts allow you to quickly travel from one location to another while still be able to fight. There are many different mounts in the game, but their main difference is their appearance.

You'll unlock Vehicles by completing different Quests. Each Vehicle is usually related to a certain Boss or Location and your combat capabilities often change depending on the Vehicle you are using.

You can summon a Mount or Vehicle at any time by holding the transport wheel and selecting your desired option


 You'll get Light or Dark aura points depending on the actions and dialogues that you select during your quests. The Light and Dark aura points are independent of one another, but you'll get an overall Aura score according to the summation of both.

Your overall Aura value will modify the Dialogue options with NPCs, while the individual socres are required to unlock certain Psi-Powers

Locations & Signposts

If you are having trouble finding how to continue on a location, you can search the area for yellow paint indications. These usually indicate the direction you need to follow to complete the area.

To complete your journey you'll need to travel back and forth between the many different Biomes and Locations. The easisest way to do so is by unlocking Signposts. These markers are located outside of the major settlements and some strategic points and can be unlocked by interacting with them. Once unlocked, you'll be able to fast travel to them from the map menu.



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