Gear Wear Broker

Type Armor Parts

Gear Wear Broker is a Merchant in Biomutant. Merchants sell and buy items in exchange of Green. Each broker type sells a different type of equipment. They all claim to have the best prices. They are most commonly found in Outposts but there are some independent brokers around the open world.


Gear Wear Broker Information

  • Gear Wear Brokers sell Armor parts and they also buy items from you.
  • Equipment changes each time you re-visit the location
  • Gear Wear Broker is a generic name for Gear Wear Merchants. There are many other Merchants with different appearance called the same and they all sell the same type of equipment.


Gear Wear Broker Locations

Gear Wear Broker can be found in the following locations:

  • __locations__


Gear Wear Broker Notes & Trivia

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