Saboteur Perks in Biomutant are genetic advantages or skills acquired either through choosing Saboteur class at character creation or unlocked with upgrade points gained from levelling up. Perks are divide into two main categories, on one hand there are the General Perks, and for the other hand, Perks relatives to your class selection, in this case Saboteur


All Perks in Biomutant


All Saboteur Perks in Biomutant


Your Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20%
Weapon based Ranged attacks from enemies have a 10% chance to miss you completely.
Your Dodge Distance is increased by 20% 2
Level Needed 7
Moving Target
Your basic movement speed is increased by 5% when in combat. 2
Level Needed 7
Your Armor is increased by 20% while dodging and/or in the air. 3
Level Needed 15




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