Kwak Automaton

Quest __quest__
Location __location__

Kwak Automaton in Biomutant, is a collectable Cosmetic for your Automaton, used to simply change the appearance of your Automaton. Kwak Automaton is obtained by completing the __quest__ Side Quest.


Kwak Automaton Information

  • By finding an Automaton Noticeboard, you will automatically obtain a side quest __quest__ that requires you to find an Automaton Box. The Automaton Box is hidden near the Noticeboard that activates the quest, in __location__. Find the Automaton Box and loot it. 


Where to find Kwak Automaton

Kwak Automaton can be found at:

  • __location__


Kwak Automaton Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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