Meow Automaton

Quest The Automaton 7F
Location Suburbia

Meow Automaton in Biomutant, is a collectable Cosmetic for your Automaton, used to simply change the appearance of your Automaton. Meow Automaton is obtained by completing the The Automaton 7F Side Quest.


Meow Automaton Information

  • By finding an Automaton Noticeboard, you will automatically obtain a side quest The Automaton 7F that requires you to find an Automaton Box. The Automaton Box is hidden near the Noticeboard that activates the quest, in Suburbia. Find the Automaton Box and loot it. 


Where to find Meow Automaton

Meow Automaton can be found at:


Meow Automaton Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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