Abilities in Biomutant are special skills and moves that play an integral role in the Protagonist's progression. Abilities can change the way the player approaches combat by providing new ways to deal damage, control crowds, inflict status effects and more. Some Abilities also impact the way the Protagonist interacts with the environment, allowing access to otherwise hidden or locked off areas, and providing utility and new means with which to explore the world.

Abilities are divided into three categories. The first is Wushu which focuses on martial arts moves used in physical combat with both melee and ranged weapons. The second is Mutations which are abilities obtained by interacting with bio-contamination pools in the world, allowing for powerful alterations to the Protagonist's genetic code and granting them unique abilities based on the type of Mutation. The final category is Powers, which are mystical abilities granted by radioactive components of machinery and other objects from the old world. These Powers are generated by the Protagonist's mind and comprise of abilities such as levitation or telekinesis.


Biomutant Abilities









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