Heatzone Suit

Type Armor Suit
Pieces Anti-Heat Hood
Heat-Resistant Jacket
Heat-Resistant Pants
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Heatzone Suit is an Armor Suit in BiomutantHeatzone Suit is composed of 3 Armor pieces and provides extremely high protection against Heat environments. It can be obtained by completing the The Heatzone Suit Side Quest. Armor Suits provide players with protection and resistances against damage and negative status effects and can also be used to change the character's appearance. Equipping all Armor Suit pieces won't grant any additional effects.


Heatzone Suit Pieces

Heatzone Suit is composed of the following Armor pieces:


How to get Heatzone Suit

Heatzone Suit can be obtained after completing The Heatzone Suit


Heatzone Suit Resistances

It provides the following Resistances:




Heatzone Suit Notes & Tips

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