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The Intellect Attribute is one of the Primary Stats in Biomutant. Stats are numerical values that contribute to the Protagonist's strengths and capabilities. While some Stats are tied to the Character Creation system, other Stats that are tied to the Protagonist's Equipment, allowing the player to customize their Builds based on their preferred playstyle and can be further modified by using various Equipment or acquiring certain Abilities. Consumables can also serve as temporary Stat modifiers.


Intellect Information

  • Intellect is the Primary Attribute that defines how much Ki-Energy you have, how fast your Ki-Energy Regenerates as well as the amount of damage you deal with Psi-Powers and Mutations.
  • Intellect also defines the amount of moves you can perform when trying to complete puzzles. 
  • Improving Intellect boosts Power which governs the strength of Psionic abilities.
  • Improving Intellect also gives you a larger Ki-Energy pool used for Psionic abilities.
  • Ki-Energy Regen is also tied to Intellect, improving the rate at which you regain Ki-Energy at higher values.


Intellect Related Abilities


Notable Equipment that improve Intellect

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Intellect Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      INT does not appear to actually impact the number of moves to solve puzzles. I've had the same number of moves to solve (10) from the start to L30+, with dumping points into INT as a Psi-Freak. This has actually caused a roadblock, as I do not have the moves to solve certain complex puzzles (6 node power box, needs 13+ moves at best to clear)

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