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Acquisition Pebble Side Quest

Batnam-nam is a Vehicle in Biomutant. The Batnam-nam can be used to glide great distances. You'll acquire the Batnam-nam during Pebble Side Quest.


Batnam-nam Information

  • The Batnam-nam allow you to glide thorugh great distances. It's best used on the Fnackyleaves and the Knupstonies biomes.
  • The Batnam-nam can be used like a regular mount, you can use ranged attacks while mounting it.
  • The Batnam-nam can be used as a regular mount, but moves slower.
  • The Batnam-nam can be summoned at any location.
  • While using the Batnam-nam, you'll retain your base stats such as Health and Ki-Energy


Batnam-nam Abilities

  • When you jump from a great height, you can hold the jump button to slowly glide and cover great distances.


How to get Batnam-nam

 You'll acquire the Batnam-nam during Pebble Side Quest


Batnam-nam Upgrades

The Batnam-nam cannot be upgraded


Batnam-nam Notes & Trivia

  •  Notes & Trivia go here


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