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Acquisition Whiz Main Quest

Mekanofingro is a Vehicle in Biomutant. The Mekanofingro can be used to travel by land and attack enemies. You'll acquire the Mekanofingro during Whiz Main Quest.


Mekanofingro Information

  • The Mekanofingro acts like a normal mounts but provide two unique attacks. A ranged finger-gun and a melee finger-strike
  • The Mekanofingro can be summoned on any area
  • While using the Mekanofingro, you'll retain your base stats such as Health and Ki-Energy


Mekanofingro Abilities

  • Finger-Gun - The Mekanofingro will turn sideways and fire a ranged attack from the tip of its finger
  • Finger-Strike - You can hit enemies with the Maknofingro fingers by using the melee button


How to get Mekanofingro

 You'll acquire the Mekanofingro during Whiz Main Quest. Talk to Whiz to acquire the quest


Mekanofingro Upgrades

The Mekanofingro cannot be upgraded.


Mekanofingro Notes & Trivia

  •  Notes & Trivia go here


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