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Acquisition Goop Main Quest

Googlide is a Vehicle in Biomutant. The Googlide can be used to travel across water areas, specially on the Surfipelago. You'll acquire the Googlide during Goop Main Quest, and you'll be able to further upgrade it during The Googlide Side Quest.


Googlide Information

  • The Googlide can be used to safely travel through water, specially on the Surfipelago.
  • The Googlide can be used to defeat the Porky Puff World Eater during Goop Main Quest.
  • The Googlide can be summoned on most waters, but not in lakes.
  • You'll be able to attack with your main ranged weapon while using the Googlide
  • While using the Googlide, you'll retain your base stats such as Health and Ki-Energy


Googlide Abilities

  • Engine -  Allows for traversal across all types of contaminated water depending on its level
  • Grappling Hook - Drag/clear obstructions and objects. You can also fish on said spots to earn additional loot
  • Turbo: By pressing the run key you can increase the Googlide speed.


How to get Googlide

 You'll acquire the Googlide by talking to Goop and completing Goop Main Quest.


Googlide Upgrades

 You'll be able to upgrade the Googlide by finding crates during The Googlide side quest. You'll need to search and open boxes that will provide you with random upgrades for the Googlide.

googlide_engine_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_125px The Engine Upgrade increases the speed of the Googlide as well as allowing you to traverse through higher level waters.

googlide_bow_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_125px The Bow modifies the appearance of the front part of the Googlide.

googlide_stern_icon_biomutant_wiki_guide_125px The Stern modifies the appearance of the rear part of the Googlide.


Googlide Notes & Trivia

  •  Notes & Trivia go here


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