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Related Bosses Murk Puff
Acquisition Whiz Main Quest

Octopod is a Vehicle in Biomutant. The Octopod can be used to fight against the Murk Puff. You'll acquire the Octopod during Whiz Main Quest, and you'll only be able to use it during the boss fight.


Octopod Information

  • The Octopod allows you to submerje under water to fight agasint the Murk Puff
  • The Octopod can only be used during the Murk Puff boss fight.
  • The Octopod has its own set of combat abilities
  • While using the Octopod, you'll retain your base stats such as Health and Ki-Energy


Octopod Abilities

  • Torpedo Launcher - Launch torpedos that track the Murk Puff and deal high amount of damage
  • Roll - By using the dodge button, you can quickly roll to the sides to avoid any danger.


How to get Octopod

 You'll acquire the Octopod during Whiz Main Quest. Talk to Whiz to start the quest.


Octopod Upgrades

The Octopod cannot be upgraded


Octopod Notes & Trivia

  •  Notes & Trivia go here


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