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Murk Puff is an Boss in Biomutant. Murk Puff will be encountered in special occasions and is one of the central plot enemies of the game. Murk Puff may be encountered during occasions where you don't have to fight it yet and Murk Puff may not be defeatable until a certain point of the game. You can find information about how to fight Murk Puff down below.


Murk Puff Information

  • The Murk Puff is a giant turtle that fights underwater, and can only be fought by using the Octopod.
  • Many of Murk Puff's attacks are very hard to dodge, so bring enough healing consumables.
  • It's no use to hide behind the buildings, because the Murk Puff can destroy them easily and attack you at the same time.
  • Murk Puff can attack you with its head, use the quick dodge.
  • If you keep a lot of distance, it will throw a horizontal or vertical bubble wave with it's tail like a ranged attack or mouth, but it's very slow.
  • When you take one third of its health from it, it will become invulnerable by hiding inside its shell, and it will launch some explosive eggs.
  • If the Murk Puff hits its own eggs, it will damage itself and if it gets stunned you can launch a special attack to catch its head 
  • When you take another third of its health, it will charge water with its mouth, and shoot a water beam at you. Keep on movement to dodge this.


Murk Puff Related Quest

Murk Puff is related to the following quests:


Murk Puff Notes & Trivia

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