Murgel is the definition of an idealized breed. Its evolutionary lineage has gone in a direction where form and appearance has dominated over function.

Murgel is one of the Breeds in Biomutant. Breeds form the basis for the player character's genetic structure, determining their overall look. Each breed starts with different values for secondary Stats such as Health, Melee Damage, Ki Energy and Regen. These Stats can be influenced further by your Attributes. 


Murgel Information

The Murgel breed possesses average stats across the board. What sets them apart is their high proficiency for Barter, giving them an advantage in trading situations. They also possess a slight boost to Loot Chance making them ideal for players who like to treasure hunt and hoard items.


Murgel Stat Overview


Murgel Notes & Trivia

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Biomutant Breeds
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    • Anonymous

      28 Jun 2021 08:00  

      So far loving the Murgel breed (which I'm playing as in my first playthrough of the game) , I love playing as a cute treasure hunter and item hoarder anthropomorphic furry girl with my my powers from the Psi-Freak class, then mainly otherwise using my crafted one handed slash weapons and my crafted auto rifles, in my awesome post apocalyptic fashion statements, just absolutely loving this game alot !!!

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