Blaze Gloves

Type Unique Weapon
Damage 274 - 299
Addons 0
Weight Class Light
Attack Speed
Armor Pierce
Critical Chance 0%
Special Ability N/A

Blaze Gloves is a Unique Weapon in BiomutantBlaze Gloves can be obtained by completing Boom Side Quest.  Each Unique Weapon features different attack values such as: Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, etc., making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


Blaze Gloves  Information


Blaze Gloves Mods

The following Weapon Mods can be inserted on Blaze Gloves

  • None


How to obtain Blaze Gloves


Blaze Gloves Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Has a hidden special effect that adds a little over 38% to power damage. You can see that it affects your power on the character screen though visually it seems to lower it.

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