Knok Umph

Type Unique Weapon
Element Heat
Damage 871-1309
Addons 2
Weight Class Medium
Attack Speed  
Armor Pierce  
Critical Chance 12%
Special Ability Remedy

Knok Umph is a Unique Weapon in BiomutantKnok Umph is a One-Handed Slashed Weapon composed of Knok and Umph. It can be obtained as a reward for completing the Sparkplant Vault Side Quest.  Each Unique Weapon features different attack values such as: Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, etc., making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


Knok Umph Information

  • Knok Umph is a Unique Weapon 
  • It is composed of the Knok and the Umph weapons
  • Deals Heat damage
  • Features the following Special Weapon Ability: Remedy


Knok Umph Mods

The following Weapon Mods can be inserted on Knok Umph


How to obtain Knok Umph


Knok Umph Notes & Tips

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