Pri Murgel Sword

Type Unique Weapon
Element Heat
Damage 287-354
Addons 1
Weight Class Medium
Attack Speed  
Armor Pierce  
Critical Chance 6%

Pri Murgel Sword is a Unique Weapon in BiomutantPri Murgel Sword is a Unique Two-Handed Slash Weapon that deals Heat damage. It can be obtained as a reward for completing the Illumination Side Quest.  Each Unique Weapon features different attack values such as: Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, etc., making them more or less useful depending on the situation.


Pri Murgel Sword Information


Pri Murgel Sword Mods

The following Weapon Mods can be inserted on Pri Murgel Sword


How to obtain Pri Murgel Sword

  • Pri Murgel Sword can be obtained as a reward for completing the Illumination Side Quest


Pri Murgel Sword Notes & Tips

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