The Fip breed is renowned for a highly evolved mind. Its genius is directly interlinked to the power of Ki which amplifies their Psionic output.

Fip is one of the Breeds in Biomutant. Breeds form the basis for the player character's genetic structure, determining their overall look. Each breed starts with different values for secondary Stats such as Health, Melee Damage, Ki Energy and Regen. These Stats can be influenced further by your Attributes. 


Fip Information

The Fip possesses the highest starting Power, Ki Energy and Energy Regen, making them the ideal candidate for Psionic builds and the Psi-Freak class. However, they are also more fragile than the other breeds and should focus on defensive equipment and ranged combat.


Fip Stat Overview


Fip Notes & Trivia

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Biomutant Breeds
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