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Disciples is an Enemy in Biomutant. Disciples will become hostile towards you when they become aware of you. Defeating Enemies will grant you XP. Fallen Enemies may drop random loot. You can find information about how to fight Disciples down below.


Disciples Information

  • The Disciples are encountered during the Another World quest as your childhood bullies.
  • They are three kids about your size lead by one of them called Puti Ankati.
  • They will block your way to your training with your Mooma, and when you try to go through, they will push you around asking who you think you are. You cannot get past through them until you completed all the objectives from Gizmo.
  • After you completed them, they will fight you. This is the first time you fight against someone as your younger self. You obviously won't have your other weapons or your powers. You will only have the weapon that you just crafted with Gizmo. One of them is wielding a bow and he will attack you from a distance while the other two will melee fight you. You may attack the one with the bow first, keep on the run so the melee attackers don't catch you, sprint to the bow attacker when they are far from him, so you have time to swing a few blows before they reach you. Once the bow attacker is down, you may attacker the other two, it is recommended to try to take them one by one, they can interrupt your combos if you try to fight them at once.
  • When you defeat two of them, your first attack to the third one will be interrupted by a cutscene, where he takes your weapon and pushes you. The defeated ones will stand up, steal your recently crafted weapon and leave.


Disciples Related Quest

Disciples is related to the following quests:


Disciples Notes & Trivia

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