Fluff Hulk

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Old World Storage 6G

Fluff Hulk is an Enemy in Biomutant. Fluff Hulk will become hostile towards you when they become aware of you. Defeating Enemies will grant you XP. Fallen Enemies may drop random loot. You can find information about how to fight Fluff Hulk down below.


Fluff Hulk Information

  • Fluff Hulk is a creature that the tribe was trying to control with ropes, but they are not able to keep it down and the Fluff Hulk's on the loose.
  • The Tribe will help you attack this enemy, they will make casual attacks but they main fight is on you.
  • Fluff Hulk may get distracted by the tribe members that were trying to keep it down.
  • When Fluff Hulk is focused on you, you make keep distance and use ranged attack or weapons, once it gets distracted by the tribe member, you may attack with melee attacks.
  • Almost every melee attack from the Fluff Hulk can be dodged by jumping.
  • Fluff Hulk may throw fire from its mouth, these attacks take a long animation and are a good chance get on its back and attack him from there so you would not receive any damage.
  • Fluff Hulk also throw ranged fire from its mouth.
  • Fluff Hulk makes some area attacks with its long tongue, using it as a whip. Best avoided by jumping.
  • Defeating Fluff Hulk will grant you a lot of XP.
Monster Key 6G
  • Fluff Hulk can be also found alone in sector 4J next to the river, by defeating it, you will obtain the Monster Key 6G Item. This will activate a new side quest called: Old World Storage 6G.


Fluff Hulk Related Quest

Fluff Hulk is related to the following quests:


Fluff Hulk Notes & Trivia

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