Lupa-Lupin is Boss in Biomutant. Lupa-Lupin will be encountered in special occasions and is one of the central plot enemies of the game. Lupa-Lupin may be encountered during occasions where you don't have to fight. Lupa-Lupin may not be defeatable until a certain point of the game. You can find information about how to fight Lupa-Lupin down below.


Lupa-Lupin Information

  • Lupa-Lupin is encountered in many occasions throughout the game. It is the very first Enemy encountered in the whole game. In the quest pop-ups, its first given name is "Meat Eater" and after that the narrator refers to him as "The Predator".
First Encounter
  • Lupa-Lupin is first encountered right after completing the Meat Eater's Meat objective during the Bunker 101 quest which is the first Main Quest given to the player. Don't waste time wondering how to defeat Lupa Lupin, he cannot be defeated in this battle. This encounter is only part of the fight mechanics tutorial.
Second Encounter
  • It is encountered again in a playable flashback memory during the Another World quest while walking through the Childhood Village.
  • You are playing as your younger version of your character, so you won't be as lethal nor well armed as in the present, and Lupa-Lupin will look enormous in comparison to you. This fight can be frustrating because you will feel so harmless and slow with your tiny legs. 
  • Lupa-Lupin will first attack you a couple of swings that can be dodged if you stay alert, then he will mainly focus on your Mooma and she will also fight him, but everytime she is hit, she will be pushed away and fall to the ground. After you take one third of his health, the option to climb his back and hit him from there will become available. When you climb it, a cutscene will trigger. He will throw you to the lake, and your Mooma will jump in to save you. Your Ki-Energy drains quickly while you swim, so don't waste it, swim directly to your Mooma, climb her back and try to escape. Lupa-Lupin will jump into the water and chase, if he hits you, you must return to your Mooma's back quickly. Lupa-Lupin will eventually catch you and hit your Mooma in a sad scene where she dies. After you reach the edge, Popsi will take you away, but Lupa-Lupin will still chase you. Popsi will throw you to higher ground and try to climb to your location, but Lupa-Lupin will catch Popsi, but you will be safe. The flashback concludes.
Third Encounter
  • Lupa-Lupin is encountered a third time during The Meat Eater quest given by Out-Of-Date after you defeat the first world eater. This time you can get prepared before fighting him, choose your weapons and abilities. This is the most fair encounter agasint Lupa-Lupin you had so far.
  • Firstly he will tell you that he was looking forward to this moment and then he tells his origin story. Lupa-Lupin's mother was killed by your Mooma when he was little, that's way he always looked for vengeance.
  • He also reveals that he failed to be a vegetarean, but he tells you that he never eats for pleasure, he only eats for survival.
  • After this presentation, he will suddenly attack you with its axe. Lupa-Lupin is fast, so stay alert to dodge or parry the first attack. If his attacks land on his camp, things will get broken.
  • When you take one third of his health, Lupa-Lupin will change his weapon to a big meat bone leg.
  • When you take another third of his health, you will see a cutscene where he smashes you against the ground, and then he'll swap again his weapons to two metal stakes. Even thou in the cutscene he hits you quite hard, your health won't be affected by this.
  • Even thou he swaps weapons, his fighting moves are not very different. It's best to keep distance, keep on the move and keep shooting at him in all the stages.
  • After you defeat him, roots will come out from the floor and entangle him to a point where he can no longer move. 
Fourth Encounter
  • Lupa-Lupin must be confronted again after defeating all the world eaters as part of the End Of The World quest. This time, members of your tribe will be there helping you. But they will be defeated on battle.
  • Lupa-Lupin will mutate, his appearance and behavior will become much wilder.
  • Lupa-Lupin seems to have a better resistance to damage, but you now have the advantage that he will get distracted by your allies.
  • When you take one third of its health, your Sifu will join the fight, but the rest of the allies will appear defeated.
  • When you take the second third of its health, Lupa-Lupin will defeat your Sifu in a cutscene.
  • Now when you keep distance, Lupa-Lupin won't get distracted. Instead it will launch special radioactive ranged attacks.
  • After you takes all its health, Lupa-Lupin will hit the ground making a hole where you both fall And the fight continues. Lupa-Lupin has its health bar full again, and it seems he gain more resistance to damage now.
  • Lupa-Lupin will jump to the corners and throw ranged radioactive attacks oftenly.
  • After you take on third of its health, Lupa-Lupin will also sometimes hit the ground with both its hands making a huge area attack on the ground that can be dodged by jumping.
  • Lupa-Lupin will also dash at you with a pink energy.
  • When you take the second third of his health. Lupa-Lupin will hit the ground and damage some roots.
  • If he is close to you, he may do a special slam at you, but you have enough time to jump away.


Lupa-Lupin Related Quest

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Lupa-Lupin Notes & Trivia

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