How to get Complete The Chugyard
Rewards 300 Xp
Quest Items __questitems__

Gizmo is a Main Quest in BiomutantGizmo is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: Complete The Chugyard. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: 300 Xp.


Gizmo is short of Sqvips, the dangerous little critters that'll become munition for the Mekton's guns, but only Moog - the Munsterhonter that's setup camp on the Steeposide knows where they nest, so paying him a visit would be a great way to start. Once the Mekton's loaded with Sqvips and upgraded, it'll be strong enough to confront the Jumbo Puff at the end of the West Root.


Gizmo Objectives

  • The Recyclopedian
  • Shronk Salvage
  • Fixer-Upper
  • Moog Knows


How to get Gizmo

Gizmo Quest is acquired as follows:


Gizmo Rewards

By completing the Gizmo Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:

  • Game Progress
  • ??


Gizmo Related NPCs


Gizmo Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the Gizmo Quest:

  • __questitems__


Gizmo Walkthrough

The Recyclopedian

Talk to Gizmo, found after completing The Chugyard.

Shronk Salvage

Gizmo asks you to salvage Skrap to upcycle the Mekton. Skrap can be found by venturing into Hazard Zones. Open the metal shutter and run to the door at the end of the path, be quickly and mind your Hypoxia levels. Explore this location until you find a hole in the roof and climb it. Walk through the rope, water is too toxic and you can't swim as in normal water so don't fall, there's a Bioblob Container over that truck.

The next waypoint will point to a door, jump the platforms and get there without falling into the toxic water. Once in, you will see a big loot box, loot it. This is the Skrap you were looking for. You will get random loot from it for the Mekton. This will activate the side quest: The Mekton.


Get used to climb to higher floors when you see holes or wrecks on the roof. Climb your way up to a rope and use it as a zip line. Return to Gizmo and talk to him.

Moog Knows

You are now able to ride the Mekton and customize it. Continue your path without leaving the Mekton. When you reach the oiled water, soak it so you can keep going. Follow the path. You can destroy any dams blocking your way by just shooting them from the Mekton. Defeat the enemies in your path. When you are almost there, the narrator will tell where Moog is, you have to leave the Mekton for a moment and climb up the cliff and then the rope. Meet Moog and ask him about Sqvips.

The Sqvip Grotto

After you talk to Moog, go back to the Mekton. Follow the waypoint mark until you reach and underground location in Sector 6C. There are 2 doors, the one on the right is locked. Go through the left door, leaving the Mekton there. At the end of the room, take the elevator down. Once down, you'll be in an flooded area, jump a few platforms and get to the cistern truck at the wall. Jump on the cistern and open it, this will flood the area a little bit more, but the wooden platforms will float, giving you higher reach to new areas, jump the platforms and go to the waypoint. 

All the Sqvips

You will find a few Sqvips in this area, Sqvips look like orange tiger puppies. Get close to the and interact with them to them. Find the Puzzle and solve it to activate the elevator.

The Mekton Special

Return to Gizmo all the way back where you came from.

The Western Worldeater 

He'll tell that now the Mekton is ready to fight the Jumbo Puff. The location is quite far, you can only get there using the Mekton due to long jumps and walled paths. Notes and tips on how to defeat the Jumbo Puff can be found Here.

After you defeat Jumbo Puff, the Mekton is going to be ruined and another Mecha will come to take it back. The Tribe Sifu will congratulate you and thank you for dealing with the first Worldeater.


Gizmo Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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