How to get Given by Out-Of-Date
Rewards Googlide
Quest Items N/A

Goop is a Main Quest in BiomutantGoop is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: Given by Out-Of-Date after defeating the first worldeater. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: Googlide.


You're going to need two things to take on the triple-headed Porky Puff; a way to get to it, and a way to distract it. Goop can provide both, but there's still some parts and tinkering needed before the Googlide can be taken out on the surf. Once its ready, you'll need Gulp's, the local ornithologist, help to locate Gumquacks to be used for distraction.


Goop Objectives

  • The Soaked One
  • Skronk Salvage
  • Fixer-Upper
  • Gumquacks?
  • Gumquack Hollow
  • Something's in the Way
  • All the Quack
  • Knock Locker
  • The Googlide Special
  • The Eastern Worldeater


How to get Goop

Goop Quest is acquired as follows:


Goop Rewards

By completing the Goop Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:


Goop Related NPCs


Goop Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the Goop Quest:

  • N/A


Goop Walkthrough

The Soaked One

Visit Goop. He is in Subnautica Station, you can follow the waypoint up to his location. 

Skronk Salvage

Goop will ask you to get some salvage from the Sewage Tunnel for the Googlide. The Tunnel is nearby, enter and climb up the ladder. Walk the rope to the other side and solve the valve puzzle. This will lower the water level but some enemies will come out. Defeat them. There a wall marked with a waypoint that you must destroy using the Klonkfist. Follow the path, on your left, you will notice a circuitboard, solve it to open the gate. Follow the way until it ends, you must climb up to keep going. Defeat the big enemy waiting for you in this zone. Go past the doors. You will find a group of enemies guarding a Wrekbox. These enemies may be heavily armed. After you defeated them, interact with the Wrekbox.


Follow the path to a door that needs to be opened by solving a puzzle, and return to Goop.


Goop will let you ride the Googlide and tell you to go ask Gulp about the Gumquacks. Ride the Googlide to Gulp's location through the tunnel. 

Gumquack Hollow

After talking to Gulp, you have to find Gumquack Hollow. Follow the waypoint until you reach a cave blocked by stones. Interact with it to hook it and pull it to brake the stones. Once in, jump off the Googlide and find a ladder. Solve the puzzle marked with a waypoint.

Something's in the Way

Solving the puzzle, will stop the fan and open you path through the tunnel. At the end of the path, you have to brake the wall with the Klonkfist.

All the Quack

You have to collect the Quacks, but an enemy will come out from the ground. 

Knock Locker

Find the locker with a Weapon in it.

The Googlide Special

There's a door locked by a puzzle, solve it and exit that area, return to Goop. Goop will take the Gumquacks and insert them as infinite ammunition into the Googlide.

The Eastern Worldeater

Defeat the Porky Puff

After defeating the Porky Puff, your Sifu will thank you. The quest is completed now.


Goop Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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