The Long-Gone

The Long-Gone
How to get Exit the Bunker 101.
Rewards Game progress
Quest Items -

The Long-Gone is a Main Quest in BiomutantThe Long-Gone is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: __acquire__. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: Game progress.


Old Memories are slowly coming back, meeting Out-of-Date has drawn out of the past you left behind so long ago. What else is left to find, what else will come back to find you?


The Long-Gone Objectives

  • The Signpost
  • The First Steps
  • The Village Wrek
  • The Survivor


How to get The Long-Gone

The Long-Gone Quest is acquired as follows:


The Long-Gone Rewards

By completing the The Long-Gone Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:

  • Game Progress


The Long-Gone Related NPCs


The Long-Gone Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the The Long-Gone Quest:

  • No quest items.


The Long-Gone Walkthrough

After finally getting out of Bunker 101, the explorable world becomes hugely open, and a few steps away from the Bunker you will find your first Signpost.

The Signpost

A Signpost can be activated and can be used as fast travel destinations from anywhere in the Map. Activate the Signpost and it will be shown in the map. There is a Signpost close to different points of interest throughout the map.

The First Steps

Keep walking through the main path, you will see a big pipe crossing the way above, when you barely pass below it a cutscene will trigger showing a 3 headed giant monsters violently screaming and destroying everything on its path. It is one of the Worldeaters, specifically the one that heavily wounded Out-Of-Date.

The Village Wrek

Follow the way next to the pipe and go to the village that the Worldeater just destroyed.

The Survivor

You will find a survivor called Millemog sitting sadly in the middle of what it's left of the village, approach to him and interact with him. He will ask your help and you will be able to decide to help him or not. What you decide to answer will affect your Aura. You will gain a Psi-Point after the conversation with the survivor ends. And Out-Of-Date will return to you to suggest you that you should get support from a Tribe to make a better stand against the Worldeaters.


The Long-Gone Notes & Trivia

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