Jumbo Puff

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Jumbo Puff is an Boss in Biomutant. Jumbo Puff will be encountered in special occasions and is one of the central plot enemies of the game. Jumbo Puff may be encountered during occasions where you don't have to fight it yet and Jumbo Puff may not be defeatable until a certain point of the game. You can find information about how to fight Jumbo Puff down below.


Jumbo Puff Information

  • Jumbo Puff is the western world eater and it's first encountered during the Gizmo quest at Jumbo Puff Place.
  • Before fighting Jumbo Puff, be sure to have a bunch of healing Consumable. There's not much place to hide while fighiting it, because it can destroy almost every building around the area.
  • Jumbo Puff is supposed to be fought with the Mekton.
  • Jumbo Puff can move wildy fast sometimes, and it can make middle range attacks with its tongue.
  • Once you take a big ammounts of its health, Jumbo Puff will jump to the Tree of Life root, and throw some rocks at you from there, very easy to dodge, during this stage, you cannot damage it but it's a good time to heal yourself if necesary. Then it will jump back to the arena, and it will give you a chance to launch a Sqvip Critter at its mouth, stay alert to do it quickly when you get the chance.
  • Jumbo Puff oftenly will take an electric cable and use it as a giant electric whip and attack you, keep distance and keep on movement, and also keep shooting it.
  • When you take two thirds of its health, the Jumbo Puff will bite the entire Mekton with its mouth, shake it up and throw your character out of the Mekton and inside its mouth. In this stage you inside its guts, you must climb the red light dot things up to one of the cavities above you. You must find the heart and shoot at it, mind that there will be some worms that may attack you.
  • Green blobs may get flushed back down, you have to climb up again and keep on attacking the heart.
  • Once you defeat the World Eater it will fall and you will come about from its mouth epicly.


Jumbo Puff Related Quest

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Jumbo Puff Notes & Trivia

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