Bunker 101

Bunker 101
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Bunker 101 is the first Main Quest in Biomutant. Bunker 101 is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: Bunker 101 is acquired by just starting a new game and it is the Tutorial chapter of the game. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: Game Progress.


The Toxanol Bunkers were built to keep danger out and the population in. Bunker 101 in particular was designed for this purpose as it was connected to the Great Wall, the last tine of defense and the only thing standing separating the Old World and the Out-there.

Bunker 101 Objectives

  • Meat Eater's Meat
  • Lupa Lupin
  • Live to Fight Another Day
  • Bunker 101 (Part 1)
  • Evolution Gone Wrong
  • Just Down the Hall
  • Keep Going
  • The Ammo Crate
  • The Next Thing
  • The Regen Bag
  • Upwards and Onwards
  • Sludge Soaker
  • Toxanol Oil Depot
  • The Rocka-Boom
  • The Pum Hub
  • The Iron Wall
  • The Workshop
  • The Klawbar
  • The Pump Room
  • Fenced Off
  • The Oil Pipe
  • Bunker 101 (Part 2)
  • Defeat the Morks
  • Bunker 101 (Part 3)
  • Old World Knowledge
  • The Raylighter
  • Fight the Scavengers
  • The Back Room
  • A New Friend, An Old Friend
  • A New Friend
  • Glittergrass
  • The Nono
  • The Inosculated Pensai
  • The End of the World


How to get Bunker 101

Bunker 101 will begin as part of the introduction of the game.


Bunker 101 Rewards

By completing the Bunker 101 Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:

  • Game Progress.


Bunker 101 Related NPCs


Bunker 101 Items

The following Items are related or required for the Bunker 101 Quest:


Bunker 101 Walkthrough

At the very beginning, the protagonist will start at a wild location, notice all the tips that will start showing around you explaining what to press and how to move, but you can still check and try all the buttons, and you'll hear a friendly narrator voice that will help you along the game, the voice will explain some Lore, comment about your choices and will also translate the ininteligible dialogues from NPCs. The area has walls that only let you move in one direction until you reach a fork, where you'll have to choose between right or left, and you will also be introduced into the morality system where some choices you make will level up your Dark Aura or your Light Aura which later are required make some abilities available for your character. The Dark Side and Light Side will present to you as two funny cartoonish characters that both want to influence you to pick always their side opposite to the other and they will also discuss to each other. These seem to be two of the few characters that the narrator doesn't need to translate to you.

After those dialogues, you'll see noted below how the choices you made gave you some Aura level. Choose a path and follow it, at the end of the path you'll introduced to a dead Gnoat that looks like it was hunted and left behind. This will trigger your first objective called Meat Eater's Meat.

Meat Eater's Meat

Meat Eater's Meat which only requires you to examine the Gnoat, in this introduction to the Quest mechanics, where you can see an objective reminder on your left, you'll also notice the first waypoint marked on your screen indicating where you must go with a number expressing how far you are from your objective. Get close to the Gnoat, then when you are close enough to it, a cutscene where you start eating from the Gnoat's body will trigger, and suddenly your character will become aware of something else getting close. This will trigger another objective, called Lupa Lupin. 

Lupa Lupin

You'll must fight the Meat Eater, also called The Predator. This will introduce you to some fight mechanics, this enemy seems to be undefeatable, so don't try to "win" this fight, this part is only completed by trying every fight move you are instructed to do on the pop-ups and general tips that will appear on your screens. After making every indicated fight move, you'll see a cutscene where your last move will brake the Meat Eater's huge club. He will then pull out a huge metalic flail and start swinging it around while he walks towards you. The narrator will suggest you that it would be better to flee from a fight that you cannot win, and a new objective will activate: Live to Fight Another Day.

Live to Fight Another Day

This objective is simple, you will see a hole on a concrete wall near the dead Gnoat, which is also marked on your screen. Meat Eater won't make any sudden moves so it will be easy to just leave and get in the hole. The hole is evidently big enough for you but not big enough for the Meat Eater to go through, when you interact with the hole, a cutscene where the Meat Eater throws you the flail will trigger, luckily you won't take any hit, but even the huge flail is not big enough for the hole and it will get stuck. And you will notice a blinking red led light on the flail and a beeping sound coming from it.

Bunker 101 (Part 1)

The stucked flail will be still beeping and blinking, the flail will explode and you have to leave. Anyway, you will still have plenty of time, but there's not much to explore here, this objective is completed by just going through the only door that can be easily sighted, this will trigger a cutscene where your character closes the door and the bomb explodes but you receive no harm from it. After you close the door, it can no longer be opened.

Evolution Gone Wrong

Keep walking and explore the bunker you will eventually find a large room full of mutated eggs where you have to go through, but by getting near the eggs, a cutscene will show some Muckly Gnats coming out from the them and this will activate the Evolution Gone Wrong objective where you have to defeat 5 of Muckly Gnats. In this fight, a bunch of tips about ranged weapons and ki-energy will pop up and teach you ranged attacks and general tips of Ki-Energy. The Muckly Gnats are easy to beat and right after defeating 5 of them, the next objective will automatically activate.

Just Down the Hall

This is a simple indicator of where you have to go, explore the bunker following the marked waypoint on your screen to reach the door that is Just Down the Hall.

Keep Going

After you open the door, you have to make a few steps until you find an Ammo Crate.

The Ammo Crate

Get close to the Ammo Crate marked on your screen and interact with it, it will grant with some random Weapon Add-On and you can apply it to your ranged weapon to give some effect to your projectiles.

The Next Thing

Keep walking the way and find a medic supply.

The Regen Bag

Get close to the Medic Supply marked on your screen before climbing the chain, it will grant you a Consumable healing item. When you are in combat, your health does not automatically regenerate, to activate it you must use a Consumable healing item. It will grant a certain amount of Health-Regen for a certain duration depending on the item.

Upwards and Onwards

After getting the item from the medic supply you may climb up the chain at the end of the way, but before that you can find a closed door next the chain, you can open it and loot a room with a toilet at the end to get some extra items. Come back to the chain and climb it up, you will reach to an outdoors location called Sludged Ruin.

Sludge Soaker

Walk towards the direction where you can only keep exploring, after a few steps, you will notice a group of Enemies that will become hostile when they notice your presence. They will be a bunch of enemies of your size, and a bigger one similar to Meat Eater's size called Sludge Soaker but this bigger enemy can be defeated. Remember to parry the attacks of the Sludge Soaker, he may charge at you very quickly so be ready and don't let the other enemies surround you. Keep dodging and shooting, but always keep an eye on your remaining ammo and your Ki-Energy. This type of battle is very common throughout the game. After defeating them, remember to loot the fallen enemies. Avoid the poisoned water.

Toxanol Oil Depot

There's a door at the corner at the end of the way marked in your screen after you defeat the Sludge Soaker and the other enemies, go past through it.

The Rocka-Boom

This is another type of group, you have to defeat the Rocka-Boom and his companions. In this area you will notice a bunch of barrels around, these barrels will explode if you shoot them. But the Rocka-Room can also throw barrels at you, he seems to take buried barrels so don't let your guard down if he is not close to any visible barrel, he can still throw a barrel at you. You can try to lead your enemies close to those barrels and shoot at the barrels to make them explode causing massive area damage to multiple enemies at once, but mind your position and where you shoot, because the barrel explosion will damage you if you are close enough. Go to the next doorafter defeating them all.

The Pum Hub

The scenario is wide and you can explore it as you go, but there isn't anything to loot or find, more than the loot that your enemies drop when they are defeated. There's a tunnel where you will encounter more enemies.

The Iron Wall

You must destroy the shield of Iron Wall first to be able to defeat him, the large shield can only be destroyed with melee attacks. After you destroy the shield, they will automatically become vulnerable to your ranged weapons.

At this point you may have gathered enough XP to level up, you may increase one of your Primary Attributes by 10 and spend your Upgrade Points. 

The Workshop

Once you defeat Iron Wall, at the end of the way you will notice a locked door on your right, and another door marked with a waypoint on your left a few meters away, open that door and enter that room.

The Klawbar

You will find an emergency box with the Klawbar, approach the box and interact with it to brake the glass and take it. It's a crowbar that will let you open certain paths that are blocked with something.

The Pump Room

Go back to the locked door you saw before opposite to the room you just entered. It will be now unlocked.

Fenced Off

Go through the fence door.

The Oil Pipe

At the end of the way there's a flimsy pipe which you can brake with the Klawbar, approach to the pipe and interact with it. You'll have to tap the melee button quickly until the circle bar fills completely. This will brake the pipe.

Bunker 101 (Part 2)

Destroying the pipe will allow you to get into it, enter the pipe. This will get you to another path which is pretty linear,keep going through it, there's a broken bridge that you have to double jump to get past it. The way is pretty linear, keep going and through a tunnel until you get into a greenish room.

Defeat the Morks

Defeat the Morks. Defeating the Morks will grant you Bioblobs which are Bio Points that can be spent to unlock Biogenetics. You will encounter more of these areas in the future.

Bunker 101 (Part 3)

Climb up the chain. Go through the door, go down the stairs and pass through the next door at the end of the stairs. Follow the way until you reach a room with a green board.

Old World Knowledge

Approach to the green board and interact with it. The narrator will talk to you about Toxanol's Arks, more information in Lore. After listening to him, go to the next room.

The Raylighter

In the next room there's a Raylighter, approach to it and interact with it. Solve the puzzle. The Raylighter will play a record. Get to the next room until you hear some shots coming from behind a door. There's also an electricity panel that needs to be interacted with in order to open the door. 

Fight the Scavengers

You will find an NPC in a wheelchair surrounded by Scavengers being outnumbered. Defeat the Scavengers. The NPC is armed and he will also fight them. There's a rope that you cannot climb until you talk to the NPC after defeating the Scavengers.

The Back Room

Follow the NPC into the other room.

A New Friend, an Old Friend

The NPC will present himself as Out-Of-Date. He thanks you and tells you that he knows you, he will talk about your past and about people that have to do with you. He will also talk about the importance of the Tree of Life.

A New Friend

When he talks about the Tree of Life you flash back to way back in the long ago. You will now play as your younger version in your own memory. Follow the main way until you find Best-Before. He talks about the Potato People also called the Nono. And he will tell you to go find the Glittergrass to see if you find a Nono.


You will find the Glittergrass by following the main path by following the marked waypoint on your screen. Once there you have to Ruffle the Glittergrass. Best-Before will celebrate that you found one, and will tell you how to take care of a Pensai, the early state of the Tree of Life. He will tell you that the Pensai needs to be linked to Nono so he will give you his Hoop Net and tell you to catch a Nono.

The Nono

The Nono is a little orange creature marked taht is gonna be marked on your screen, you must chase it and interact with it to catch it when you are close enough. Best-Before will congratulate you and tell you to guiide this Nono to become one with the tree.

The Inosculated Pensai

Go back to where you came from, find the Pensai marked on your screen and interact with it. The tree will start to grow huge roots. Best-Before tells you that one day the land won't be as peaceful, he will tell you that you've done well but that you have to come back to your Mooma. The flash back will end and you will be back talking to Out-Of-Date. He will tell that that the tree started to die when the Worldeaters arrived. He will tell you that his friends are gearing up to stop the Worldeaters at the end of each root. And he will ask you to go help them. Aat the end of the world he will grant you a Rod Net.

The End of the World

Go to the door where you came from, use the crowbar to open it, and climb the rope that you were unable to climb before. Once you reach the surface, the introduction to the game will be completed, Bunker 101 will be concluded and you will be introduced to the open world of Biomutant. The game will become less linear now and you will have to choose your own path. 


Bunker 101 Notes & Trivia

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