Rival Fort Takeover

How to get By attempting to secure a Rival Fort
Rewards __rewards__
Quest Items No Quest Items

Rival Fort Takeover is a Main Quest in BiomutantRival Fort Takeover is required to complete the main story of the game and is obtained as follows: By attempting to secure a Rival Fort. After completing it, you'll be rewarded with: __rewards__.


The time has come to take over the rival Tribe's Fort. Your allies have decided that you'll go in with a bang. The plan is to detonate the Bangball they've placed against the Fort's wall, however your Sifu needs an inextinguishable torch to do that from a distance. He figures a plain torch will snuff out when its thrown, so you need to add some boom powder to make it inextinguishable. You'll be going in first, but your allies will be right behind you. Don't let up until you've reached and defeated the rival Tribe's Sifu!


Rival Fort Takeover Objectives

  • The Objectives depend on the Fort or Fortress you are trying to secure, you will find more information about how to conquer each fort in our Outposts section: Outposts


How to get Rival Fort Takeover

Rival Fort Takeover Quest is acquired as follows:

  • By attempting to secure a Rival Fort


Rival Fort Takeover Rewards

By completing the Rival Fort Takeover Quest, you'll be given the following rewards:

  • Game Progress
  • ??


Rival Fort Takeover Related NPCs

  • __npcs__


Rival Fort Takeover Quest Items

The following Items are related or required for the Rival Fort Takeover Quest:

  • No Quest Items


Rival Fort Takeover Walkthrough

Forts or Fortress are similar to Outposts but with a lot more challenge to it. Each Fort has different stages and objectives, you will find information about how to secure each fort in our Outposts section: Outposts


Rival Fort Takeover Notes & Trivia

  • Notes and Trivia go here


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